Saturday, September 20, 2014

...and the winner is.....

I put it up to Mr. Random Number Generator to pick a winner for

Out of 1 through 13 choices, he picked #4, which is Grace!
Grace, I'll be sending you an email shortly.

My sewjo is out of whack right now.  I worked on a modified lonestar last night but have a tummy bug and haven't sewn today, despite the best laid plans.
Gonna go lie down until it's Dr. Who time.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Playing Catch Up...and a Giveaway!

Sorry I've been an AWOL blogger.  I'm fighting off bronchitis, and, frankly, all I've wanted to do is sleep when I've not been working.

Needless to say, not much quilting has been going on here.  When I've been crafty, it's been an ADHD kind of crafty, switching gears every 20 minutes.  Yesterday, I started my Dr. Who sampler, knitted while watching Dr. Who and hand quilted one block (yup, just one tiny block) on the Tula City Sampler that I basted last week.  Not sure how much more is going to get done this last month of my FAL quarter.  Lots in being worked on, but lots sitting partly done.

I *HAVE* finished a bunch, but I haven't posted it here.  I've mostly been living on Instagram.  Here are some that didn't make it here before....

Classic and Modern QAL, Sept blocks
Classic Mod Sept blocks

Crazy and Twisted traveling quilt finished!
Crazy Twisted Finish

Heal Quilt top
Heal Top

Expect to see some new projects in progress, as I gave in to two swaps on IG.  #makeadalekmakeafriend and I'm in Kay's group from the #igminiswap.
I also treated myself to the Angled Camp from Rachel over at Stitched in Color.
Her classes are fab.
Liberated Floating Wedges top

Which brings me to the Giveaway!  As you know, dear readers (reader?), I like to pattern test.  I pattern tested for the awesome Jess at The Elven Garden.

Here's my version of her Roundabout quilt.  (I did a mini version that was given away for the #schnitzelandboomini exchange over on IG.)

Schnitzel&Boo mini!

She's letting me give away a copy of her pattern!

I'll randomly pick someone Friday, Sept 19 at 8pm.  No massive hoop jumping.  Just leave me a comment telling me a book I should read or something that makes you happy.  If you don't win or can't wait, her pattern is available in her craftsy site.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ALYOF Sept Goal

Keeping this one doable.

Going to finish my QAYG round robin quilt.  It's back in my possession.  I decided to alter the layout and add another panel to make it bigger.  So, I need to make the new panel, put the top all together, back it/stitch in the ditch, and bind it.  It's very early 80s, and it's more than awesome.

Nuff said.  Borrowed these pics from Chelsie, a member of the Crazy & Twisted quilters.

Crazy and Twisted!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

ALYOF August goal

I'm late posting, largely due to the fact that it's Dragon Con this weekend.
I'll have a giveaway coming.
This post is just about my August finish of the ALYOF.

I set as my goal to get 50 blocks of my Tula City Sampler done.
Not only did I get them all done.  All 100 of them....
BUT (drum roll) I sewed 96 of them into a top.
The layout is not my original idea.  I saw a similar layout by CloudCouCoucrafts.

Here's my version:

Tula City Sampler
I hope to get some tops basted in Sept.
Linking up!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sigh...I'm a negligent blogger.

Ever have a project that makes you excited and then you try to finish it and it just seems to go off/wonkify?

I have all 100 of my Tula City sampler blocks done.  I'm trying to put it together into a top by tomorrow.

Not sure if it's how I've cut things....bias or something, but I feel like I keep squaring blocks and then resquaring again...and again..and again.


In other news, school has started once again and I've not been sewing much as a result.
Oh..and I turned 40.
...which was the one day in the last 2 weeks I've had sugar and bread.
Trying to get my allergies back in check.

Uber blarg.

How are you in cyberland?

Monday, August 4, 2014


The Random # generator picked #3.  Gill, you're the winner!  I'll email you shortly!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Aug Goal ALYOF

I'm going to keep it realistic on this goal, as I have to get a ton of prep work done for school starting up again.

I want to hit at least 50 blocks on my Tula Sampler quilt.  As of August 1, I had 5 blocks made.  I have 43 prepped, waiting to be sewn.

Tula Sampler blocks

I would really like to prep the remaining 50 but that's not part of this month's goal.

I need a little less pressure.  I've been on high octane mode and I have some knitting to do....and a MAJOR bday coming up.