Friday, December 30, 2011

Winding down...

Well, I am trying to wind up to a MAJOR clean tomorrow.

The reality is, I'm tired.
And I think I may have the ick.

On the other up side, the class play is written. It's going to run about 45 min, I think...maybe an hour if the dance numbers (yes, I think there are three) are longer than I think.

I have to clean up my sewing space (aka the guest room) because my folks are coming to visit mid Jan. I only have one other weekend to spiffify this place from top to bottom. Let's just say that I inherited my OCD...whether intentional or not, it will be inspected.

*big sigh* visiting my parents made me realize what a cluttered up mess I've let the house get.

I have a few home oriented goals for 2012.

Sit down with the Pirate and order seeds for a container garden. (We used plants and did it relatively late this past year.)
Get the entry way tile cleaned and sealed. (yeah, still shaking my head as why the builder didn't do that)
Repaint the kitchen (from a repair and wear and tear)
Ideally that would read repaint the house, but I need to win the lottery for that one.
(Most of the upstairs, except the hallway, has already been repainted by my mom, me, and my Trollop.)
Figure out a way to carve out a sewing space.
GENERALLY PURGE...books, clothes, etc. (This is going to be hard as I am a packrat AND a fabric whore.)

Other goals...
get in better shape/lose weight. I already bought a zumba card. Now I have to go.
(The Pirate and I are having some sort of weight loss competition. Once we iron out the details, I may post them here. I bought us a fairy wand to go on the top of the fridge...I'll explain the reason for it later as well.)
Sew at least a quilt a month.
Go to the Sewing Summit.
Woman up and pick a Bernina. (The Xmas fairies were good to me and mostly gave to the Bernina fund.) Anyone got advice on that one? I know I can't afford a Bernina 820...

The Pirate got me a workhorse Janome 11554 to use as an alternate machine when/if the Brother bites the dust...I want to use it, but I don't have the necessary feet yet. (Note to self: see if feet from brother might be compatible.)

I got some wondrous Christmas gave me a vintage H quilt top. It needs some love and repair, but it's on my list for 2012 to complete. I'll post pics of it at some point to get opinions on backing, quilting, etc.

I've got a big announcement coming mid month. It's going to influence my crafting time, I think....(no, I am NOT pregnant.)

I'm also knitting like mad today. I've started the monsters for cast presents for my students. I need to make thirty. I've going to make them Cyclopean this year.

Anywho, here's my crafty year in review. Some stuff got left off...

projects of 2011

Bee Blocks:
blocks from 2011

I have some UFOs that didn't make the list. I counted mom's big quilt, even though it needs a long armer. I didn't include (I don't think) the 2nd boy version of the Across the Sea.
I still have to piece the back.

I also still need to quilt the Rockin Robin and the monkey quilt. Depending on what I do Mon, I may add those to the list. The monkey quilt top is slated for completion tonight.

Of course, that's all contingent on the ick. I really really want my tummy to stop being hurty.