Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Goal...ALYoF

I have a goal for July that I think I can manage.

I'm kind of feeling a loss of sew-jo post honeymoon.  I messed up my workhorse Janome machine before I left for the wedding.  I've got to get some sandpaper and try to clean up a burr.  I'm praying that fixes things.  It's not a super expensive back up machine.  My Walmart Brother isn't great.  I had planned on keeping that one at school to use with kids.  Here's a question for you.  If the machine isn't super expensive (like around $150), as what point do you just give up repairs/cleaning and just replace the machine?  I hate the idea of throwing things out/replacing things a lot, but cost wise, at some point, it has to come to that, right?

Anyway.....back to my goal.

Spiderwed, in progress

I want to finish hand quilting my Halloween Spiderweb quilt.  I've got it partly done, but I have a lot of border left to do.  I'm thinking a spiderweb-ish straight line thingie.  We'll see how it goes.