Thursday, November 29, 2012

Travelin' Pic

I'm still kind of new to EPP.

(I've stalled out on my Hexy MF.)

I need practice.  So I was really excited when Laura and Katy posted up the

(Plus meeting them both in person at Sewing Summit was awesome!)

I went through a LOT of travel pics and finally chose this one:

It's from some graffiti in Barcelona.  I'm kind of addicted to taking pics of graffiti when I travel.

Then I went fabric hunting.  I decided to leave out the green, as I couldn't really find the right color in my stash.

I picked some tree fabric from my trip to Savannah, the last of my yellow Parisville, and some Toomuchery.  I found a brown background I actually liked.

I went with a Spring Carnival pattern, as I'd wanted to try that one for a while and had gotten the templates at Sewing Summit from another Katy  (imagingermonkey Katy).

I finally finished the quilting and binding today.

I think I love it.


EPP pillow


Spring Carnival pillow


Traveling Pic

I'll try to add in a daylight pic, but it's late and I wanted to get my pics up.

I've got a few more finishes coming this weekend.
(The Mod Pop is done, as is my Aunt's quilt...and hopefully so will at least one other quilt this weekend.)

Thanks for putting up a challenge that let me practice my EPP!