Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two quilts in need of binding...

I have the machine sewing bits done for the two unfinished lapquilts.
I've got a buncha hand sewing on tape to do tomorrow.



I also finished the first row on the Rockin Robin Quiltalong.
I'm digging the horribly bad 70s prints.



My Farmer's Wife blocks have been languishing. It's the templates. I had planned on transferring them to plastic. But my scissors and my patience ran out. I may attempt some more tomorrow. I feel like I'm falling so far behind in that one.

Please excuse the wretchedness of my pics. (Also, I took the pics after I pinned, but they have gone farther now...binding on.) I've been operating more in the "take a picture" mode than in photog mode. The photographer in me cringes.