Monday, September 23, 2013

Selfish Sewing Week

So, it's

I'll be honest, life is kind of kicking my plans in the crotch-al area.
Today, no sewing.  I went to the chiro.  Much readjusting.

Tomorrow, a visit to the dentist to check to see if I cracked a filling.

Wed, our parent night/meeting.

Thurs, the car has to go into the shop.

So blarg.

My goals:

Sew on the Marcelle.  I've wanted to do one since I first saw it.  This one is all for ME.

Sew a pouch for me.  With a churn dash on it.  Because I love them.

So there.

Small goals.  Doable, mayhaps?

What about you?  Are you selfishly sewing?