Monday, March 25, 2013

Eep. It's been two weeks!

Um.  Not quite sure how that happened.
I've been productive.
Survived parents visiting.  Battling a sinus infection.

I finished my March  A.L.Y.O.F.:

Blue Project Linus Quilt
Blue Project Linus Quilt

I've also been chipping away at my FAL list.

Also Done:

Malka Quilt

Malka quilt Malka back

Black, White, and Color quilt

Black, White, and Color Quilt

Rolling Pink and Grey quilt

Rolling Pink/Gray

 Burgundy and Khaki quilt
Burgundy, Khaki quilt

Monkey quilt

Monkey Quilt

Pin basted the Scrap Vomit #2.  Going to try to quilt it this week.

Scrap Vomit #2, pinbasted!

A huge thank you to Lisa from Modern Balabusta.  She's a goddess.  I haven't had the smoothest transition into March.  Spent a lot of time feeling blue and being sick.  She sent me a fabric care package!  I didn't photograph it separately because I immediately started pulling stuff to mix in and play with.  She knows my love of Tula well.
I'm itching to play with this pile now:

PIck #1

I am thinking of a medallion quilt.  Something scrappy and crazy.

I'm also working on a Must Dash quilt (so have wanted to do one for a long time) for a new child of a faculty member.  He doesn't know it's coming, so it's not late.

I'm almost done with my Covert Robin swap item.
I need to finish a pouch for Stash Bash.
I haven't started making (but I have a design chosen) for my I love the 80s swap.

In the next week, I have to hem my Spider skirt.  I have an EPP pillow to finish.  I may have one more baby quilt done before March is up.  Still have a batch of UFOs.  Haven't been keeping up to date on my BOMs.  Trying to wedding plan.  I have a batch of 50 folks' worth of custom crayons to make next week.  Oh, and I'm going to see my mom and do a frenzy of meetings with wedding related peeps next week.  I have ordered his wedding ring and booked all but one bit of the honeymoon.

Dammit.  I want to eat the ears off many a chocolate bunny right now.  Struggling to take back off the 5 lbs I gained back stress eating and eating out with my folks.  Blarg.  Zumba for me tomorrow.