Thursday, April 3, 2014

ALYOF April Goal

Keeping it simple.

Going to go for Starlight #2, since it's a present.

Starlight 2

It needs basting, quilting, and binding.  We'll see....I have an INSANE list this FAL quarter.

FAL Quarter 1 2014 updates and finishes!

Here my finish tally and what I didn't get done.
Honestly, I thought I'd get a lot more done, but I'm now on my 2nd round of antibiotics and still haven't kicked whatever is lingering.
Add to that a class play, admissions, and my parents coming to visit, and I guess I should be glad of what I actually got done.

My original list was posted here.

Here are my finishes and non-finishes:

Sewing Items:
1.  Hexy MF--still need to applique and send it off to a long-armer.  This round DEFINITELY.

2.  Marcelle Medallion--little progress.  I'm trying to get my first layer of borders on by this weekend.

3.  Mad's quilt--done!  I'll do a separate post on this one later.
Mad's quilt

4.  Red/Purple quilt--I started quilting it.  I may finish, but the ick is making me not feeling like wrestling with this one.  It may roll over.

5.  Tear Drop quilt--Haven't touched this one.

6.  Hexy Diamonds--It got bigger, but it's still not done.

7.  Converging Corners--Still sitting in a bag.  Meh.

8.  Retro Rubies--Thank the gods.  Done.

retro rubies front

9.  Sidekick bag--still in pieces

10.  Meridian #2--still in pieces

11.  Economy Block--done!  Love this one.
Economy block finished

12.  Feathers QAL--done!  Backed this one in a fleece blanket.  My go-to snooze quilt.
Feathers finish, pointing down

Knitting Items

1.  Red Collar--done!
red cowl

2.  Mardi Gras scarf--done!
mardi gras scarf

3.  Earthy Scarf--done!
earthy scarf

4.  Peacock mittens--untouched

5.  Sherbet shawl--knitted a bit on, then stuffed it somewhere.

6.  pink cinnabar and spice sweater--untouched

7.  Central Park hoodie--untouched

8.  stripey socks--untouched

9.  Purpley scarf--done!
Smooshy purple scarf

10.  Fingerless gloves--done!
Fingerless gloves

11.  Tutti Frutti socks--untouched

12.  Pastel shawl--untouched

13.  leaf sock--untouched...can't find the pattern

14.  Pinky Scarf--done!
Pinkey Scarf

15.  green belt--need to get hardware still

16.  Baby stripes--done!
Stripey Baby sweater

17.  Blue sweater--untouched

18.  Icarus shawl--untouched...haven't found yarn I like yet

19.  Yoda hat--worked on it, but didn't finish ears

20.  cable scarf--untouched

21.  black cardigan--untouched

22.  socks scraps blanket--worked on.  This will be an ongoing project

23.  brown alpaca sweater--too lazy to sew it together.

So, 11/33.  Not so bad, but I still have a LONG WAY to go.

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