Sunday, June 16, 2013

*hyperventilating into a paper bag*

So I've been quiet.  Which is not to say that things have been quiet over here.
Mostly hectic, despite it being summer break.

Because....holy crap...I'm going to be a married broad (yes, I like that word) in less than a week!

I've given up on my June goals for the Year of Lovely Finshes.  It's not getting done.
Instead, I've made 2 Cerisy skirts.  (One is coming with me on the honeymoon.)
I've been working on my Halloween spinning star.  It's at the adding more hand quilting, binding is already sewn on stage.  I think that will be my last finish for June.

(I'll have time to get it done post honeymoon.)

I'm tired.  My face is peely.  (My stress/food allergy reaction of late.)
I hate the moments leading up to flying.

On the plus side, I'll actually get to see my dad on Father's Day.  I'm heading up, leaving The Pirate to tidy up loose ends on this side.

I'll be around, on Instagram and Twitter (EllaThrowawench), but I probably won't be doing much blog posting til I get back...or at least until I'm a married broad.

Eep.  Wish me luck, peoples.  I'm not sure what I'll do without a sewing project to keep me from going nuts, but I just don't have room to pack one.  I may have to do a Joann's run tomorrow.