Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Icy in Atlanta?!

I'm pretty much trapped at home right now.
School is out for at least one more day.

I know some of y'all on IG and that follow me here have heard me complain hyperventilate over my class play.  Well, I totally lucked out.
See, it was supposed to be last night and this morning.  And, well, this morning is when the ice kicked in.

Thankfully, I was able (with the help of my boss and the lovely lovely maintenance peeps at school and the kids who were ready to go!) to move it up a day.  So, we did the show for kids in the morning yesterday and the show for the parents last night.  Phew.  Just in under the wire.  The kids were rock stars.  My set is still sitting in the theatre.  Not sure when I'll be breaking it down yet.  My (frozen) car is full of props and costumery.  Such a relief, though, to have it done and not to have to worry if we can reschedule....or to worry if everyone was going to be able to get home safely.  Thank you, weather gods, for keeping it rain until the wee hours.

I was so full of plans for my day off today.  Sleep was priority #1.  However, my cat decided I only needed an extra half hour before she started throwing things and walking on me.

I had elaborate sewing plans, but they kind of fizzled.  I decided I'm not allowed to start anything new until I clear out at least one UFO.  I worked on that a bit, pieced most of a back for it.  I have to cut more pieces (and that requires a template), so I'm not doing it right now.  Also, I had to move my machine back to the dining room (which is cold) because the hubs is telecommuting and answering calls.  I'm not good at being quiet.  We've already discussed that him planning on working at home when I'm at home is probably NOT a good plan.  (I will go nuts with having to be silent that long.)

So, right now I'm enjoying the computer (and that I have power still) and snuggling with quilts and pets.  Maybe I'll have more of a finish to share tomorrow....pray I keep the power!