Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Charmed Prints catch up.

Uh...yeah. You may have noticed I had a button for the charmed prints QAL.
Yes, I'm a QAL whore.
And I'm behind.
I picked out my fabric.
In attempt to deal with my travel stress, I sewed tonight.
Greek Cross
Star Block
I caught up, but I don't like the pinwheel block. I have to redo those.
They came out too small.

This one is going as a belated birthday/Xmas present to a dear one who needs some love right now.
Charmed Prints QAL layout

I still have a lot of catching up to do...see I never cut the pieces the week we were supposed to..and this is supposed to be the quilt assembly week. I'll try to make it up next week.
Tonight I spent:
panic attacking (not quite, but my anxiety level is definitely up)
making lists
making more lists
photo-editing headshots for an audition
pretending to write my resume for the audition
doing laundry
trying to figure out how to cram all my allergy related needs into one small roller bag
and to also stuff in a pair of winter boots
I am going to pack knitting bc I have to keep my hands busy at the airport....

Monday, November 28, 2011

it's a monday again.

I'm kind of tired. Indoor break at all the normal outside times will do that.

Plus I had to run errands. I went to the post office to mail off my Nov New Bee Block.
I to find a copy of Tartuffe for an audition. (Which will be followed by updating my resume and head shots today.)

I was hoping to mail off my charm swap packages...but I'm still waiting on one package.
Tomorrow I mail off my cut up Spoonflower charms. Which I have to cut up tonight.
I may try to do my hero block as well.

Right now I'm just trying to chill...and to figure out how to fit all my crap in my roller suitcase for the conference this week. See...crazy food allergies means I pack lots of snack.
Detergent allergies mean I pack a sleep sack, a travel pillow, and a towel.
Really travel for me has now become an endeavor. Which kind of sucketh since I LOVE to travel.
I'm feeling like making fragments into sentences today.
Either that or I've read too many kid journals today.

Oooo...Stuff came in the mail today.
I got a Nubee block. I decided to take pics of all the ones I've gotten so far:
Nubee blocks, Oct and Nov.

A package from The Intrepid Thread. (holy speediness...I ordered it on Friday)
Intrepid Thread package
Intrepid Package!
Lotta from Intrepid Thread

A win!
a win!
I entered a drawing from Hopeful Threads.
She was giving away A Valori Wells Little Wallet Sewing Kit from Sarah at Fabric Seeds.
Not only did that come, but she included in the giveaway a half a pound each of Bizzee Bee Gourmet Caramels in original and Pumpkin Spice. The Pirate will get to share in my booty!

Also, in my shopping spree for the trip, I discovered Target has TIM TAMS.
I may be exhausted, but it's been a pretty good day.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

chipping away at the list...

Mom's quilt top is done!
I decided to go wonky stars.
quilt top done!
quilt top
I broke into my Tula Pink Prince Charming stash. It is much beloved, but it fit mom's color requests (coral and chartreuse) perfectly. I had fun trying to hide little details in the stars.
I love the snail face!

This is quilt top #2.
#1 was done a few months ago but it was too large for me to quilt on my wimpy machine. It it currently hanging in a closet, waiting for me to find a long arm quilting person.
This one is about 60 by 6o. I can manage this size.
I'm ordering flannel today.
I am planning on machine quilting in the ditch around the star squares, then hand quilting around the stars themselves.
How does that sound?

I FINALLY got my Nov New Bee block done.
The Nov Bee Queen asked us to make blocks inspired by Mondrian.
For some reason, it was really daunting me.
I like how it turned out, though.
New Bee Nov. Block

I also worked on a prototype of a doggie fleece for Stinky.
I have FABULOUS piratey fabric for him.
I need to hunt up some velcro.

That's it. I cut pieces for a 241 bag. It took forever. I just couldn't make myself sew it today. Mom's quilt took too long.
I'm exhausted.

Oh, and yesterday, two lovely things to recommend, especially to any locals.
#1. Pumpkin cheesecake french toast at Radial. Mmmmmm. (I had gingerbread vegan pancakes and ended up coveting The Pirate's breakfast.)
#2. Hugo. The Pirate and I went to see it yesterday. It's based on a book (Hugo Cabret) which I also loved. Pirate put it really well. It was, in part, a love letter to films and film-making. I loved it. I wasn't sure they would be able to pull off a movie from the book but it worked.

I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend. I'm trying to mentally gear up for the school week and an upcoming conference. Cross your fingers that my last charm swap package comes tomorrow and that my boots do as well!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday finish!

I got a quilt in Wrenly done for The Pirate's BFF.
Here it is in all its glory!

The rest of the sewing/Xmas list (inspired by Jacey):
*Wonky Star Quilt for mom (progress: fabric is now cut)
*SuperSecret project for Trollop
*Belated bday for the two girls
*241 bag for Robin
*Cook's Apron for The Pirate
*Doggie jacket for Stinky
*241 bag for me
*New Bee Block for Nov. (awaiting quilting foot replacement...maybe coming tomorrow?)
*Black, white, & grey swap (sorted...awaiting one more package)
*Journal covers (5)
*Cowl to knit
*Mittens to finish (*cough* still on mitten one)
*Present for dancing queen


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

aka non-Turkey Day for me.
The Pirate made some super yummy dishes (including a roast chicken since I'm allergic to turkey), and I made an apple pie to bring to a friend's house for Thanksgiving.
It was lovely.

Here are the pictures I promised.

Three Stockings for Kids stockings:
Stockings for Kids
Stockings for kids
Stockings for kids
I'll be mailing them out tomorrow.

A Wrenly quilt for the Pirate's BFF.
It just needs binding.
That's on tap for tomorrow.
Wrenly quilt

As is my mom's quilt.
I've cut a ton of squares. I'll be sorting them before bed. Maybe.

I still have to cut out pieces for 2 241 bags.
I still have a New Bee block to sew.
I still haven't found my quilting foot.
I may try it tomorrow...I'm afraid of wonky where it's not intended.

Oh...here were the two other pouches:

It's been a yummy and productive day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm finally going to bed, but I will post pics in the morning.

Finished 3 stocking for Stockings for Kids!
Almost finished quilt top in Wrenly for The Pirate's BFF.
I've washed the flannel for the back.
Tomorrow the front will get ironed and borders will be added.
Then batting cut and sammiching done while The Pirate cooks.

Then feasting.
Pondering of binding.
More pieces cut for my mom's quilt.
(I cut 200 white squares for a wonky quilt, but I still have to press and cut the other bits)

Night night!
Twill add pics in the morn.

I've got a WIP post coming as soon as my pie is done...

but Sarah over at Pings & Needles is having a giveaway that y'all need to check out!
She's giving away an Accuquilt Go! Baby.
I really want it, but it's the holidays and I know lots of you might.
Good Luck!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

whelp..the list remains.

I didn't get as much done as I planned today.
I sort felt like I was running in circles.

I did get most of the charms for the swap sorted. I'm still waiting on three bunches to add. If that happens early in the week, I'll mail them out by Friday.

I pulled fabrics for mom's quilt but haven't cut into them yet.
I worked on pouches today instead.
I danced with a lovely group of ladies in a restaurant last weekend.
It was a tango fusion piece inspired by Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
I still have one more to make...I missed someone's colors...
which is kind of a YAY! as I get to keep my favorite of the 4.
Tuesday may be the last time I see them in a while.
(We're also in a class together but class will end tomorrow for the holidays.)
Here's the pouchie goodness. (In case one of the ladies is reading, I'm not posting who is getting which one...)
pouches for the Mrs Smiths

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Chronicle Books is hosted a $500 giveaway in *swoon* books!

Here's the haul I would get with the winnings:

World of Geek Craft (19.95)
1->2->3 Sew (24.95)
Amy Butler’s Style Stitches (29.95)
Whip Up Mini Quilts (24.95)
Subversive Cross Stitch (14.95)
The Exquisite Book (29.95)
The Orphan of Awkward Falls (16.99)
Little Bits Quilting Bee (24.95)
Denyse Schmidt Quilts (24.95)
Microworlds (19.95)
The Big Book of Casseroles (19.95)
Plenty (35.00)
Noodles Every Day (22.95)
Show and Tell (24.99)
Chuck Dugan is AWOL (19.95)
The Golden Mean (17.95)
The Doorbells of Florence (18.95)
Alexandria (19.95)
Sabine’s Notebook (17.95)
Griffin & Sabine (19.95)
Ten Little Zombies (9.95)
Food Play (16.95)
D.I.Y Delicious (24.95)

Total: $500.98

They'll also give $500 to the charity of the winner's choosing.
I'd choose it to go First Book. They give new books to kids in need.
Having seen schools as a student teacher that barely had a library and having been blessed with parents who rarely had to say no to a book purchase or a a visit to a well stocked library, I know how much of an impact having books can have. Anyway, First Book is active both in the US and Canada and has given away over 85 million books so far.

Oh..and as if that wasn't awesome enough, they will pick a winner from the folks who comment on the winner's post.
So, comment, y'all! I might win, and so might you!

overdue post...

Well, I *meant* to post my finish on Friday.

I actually had finished it on Thursday.

Here's my Dead Simple:
Dead Simple finish

I caught up (very late last night) on my Skill Builder blocks:
skill builder, #16, 17, 18 (my 17,18, 19)

Here they all all together:
Skill Builder blocks 1-19

I got my last Nubee block done and mailed:
Nubee Block Nov for quiltanti

I've gotten some lovely packages this week.

My pincushion from the Sewn Spaces swap came from edyB1 with added goodies
Pincushion, Sewn Spaces Swap
(It's kind of hard to see in my pic, but she used this really cute cricket fabric!)

A while back I won a gift certificate to Marmalade Fabrics.
I finally decided what to get:
mmm....Marmalade win
I had been lusting after the viewmaster fabric for a while now, and it was on sale!

Gen X sponsored a Japanese charm swap...I shall be petting these pretties for a while.
Gen X Japanese Charm Swap 2

Craft Buds sponsored an Aqua, Yellow, and Gray swap.
Aqua and Yellow Charm Swap

Still on tap for this weekend:
cutting fabric for mom's quilt
cutting the pieces (and making the fronts) of 5 pouches for friends
New Bee on the Block block
cut into fabric (catch up 4 blocks) with the Gen X QAL
cut fabric for at least 2 241 bags to sew on Friday
sort packages for my Black, White, and Gray swap...AS SOON AS TWO PACKAGES GET HERE. (I'm impatient to sort and want to get them out on Friday)

*sigh* There is probably more.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still not done. WIP Wed. 9.16.11

Well, I was hoping to be done.
I got distracted by having to go pick up cat food at the vet.
And then trying to find the dining room table....
among other pieces of furniture which were buried.

So, I got a later start than intended.
I only made it 3/4 of the way done.
I'm calling uncle.

I've had a headache for a couple of hours.
The antibiotic I'm on seems to be amplifying it.
Plus I'm just plain tired.

So...bummer...no finish today.
Here's some teasers:
Dead Simple
Dead SImple back

I still have 3 skill builder blocks to do,
one Nubee block,
and a New Bee block.
...is it me (and my slap happy headache) or does that remind ya of the Twelve Days of Xmas song?

Um...yeah...going to bed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

coming tomorrow...

machine binding is on the Dead Simple.
I just have to handsew (*cough* just *cough*) the binding on the other side.

Soo....hopefully there will be a finish to share tomorrow.
And, I have one more Nubee block to sew.

What are y'all up to?

Monday, November 14, 2011


I just quilted my Dead Simple.

Damn that thing was HEAVY.
I backed it in flannel. Anna Horner Folksy.


I still have to sew the binding on, but I need a break.


I pulled fabric for a wonky Xmas (not Xmas themed) star quilt for my mama.

I still have one more bee block to sew for my Nubees hive.
I also have my block for New Bee on the Block.
For no good reason, this one is intimidating me.

To Do
Another Stocking for Stocking for Kids (or maybe 2)
Nubee block for quiltaunti
New Bee for Nov.
Hero Block
Wonky Star quilt for mom
241 bag for me
gifties for dancer friends

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A plethora of bee blocks

I've been working on 4x5, 3x6, and Nubees today.
All of these babies are packaged up and ready to mail:

I've also started quilting my Dead Simple. Um... maybe about 1/4 of the way through. It's heavy.
I backed in flannel. Gonna be so so luscious.
Can't do any more because I have to be able to move my arms tomorrow for the show.
It was nice to sew given I got to rest my left foot.


Friday, November 11, 2011

and we have a winner.....

True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:11 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

(I haven't learned how to do a screen shot, so an attempt at cut and paste was all I could do..)

#11 is Kathy from Kathy's Quilting Blog!!!!

Kathy, an email from me should be wending your way shortly, but email me if you see this first!

no finishes today.

I'm worn out.
I have plans to sew tomorrow.
Right now I just slept for 2 hours.
I'm trying to stay off my foot.
See, the dentist was a breeze. No need for work.
Last night, the rehearsal was going well. I was tired, but we had worked out makeup and hair.
Then on the last run through...I think I dislocated and relocated by little toe on my left foot.
It hurt like nothing I've ever done. I felt it pop out of place and back in. (I think I got caught on a mat seam.) It immediately started turning red. I wanted to cry, but I also wanted to go home.
I iced it last night. It's kind of purple..not black purple, but bruisey.
It's taped to the toe next to it.

Not much I can do. Stay off it. I have to dance in a show on Sunday.
Pain sucketh.
I didn't sleep enough or well last night because it hurt.
So...I'm going to try to sew tomorrow.
I have plans to get a bunch of blocks done and mailed by Sun.
I'm just trying to keep my left foot in the air right now.

And, frankly, I'm still feeling stupid for having done it in the first place.
If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, please do! I'll close it off at 9 today.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wed 11.9.11

I'm plugging away on bee blocks.
Or at least I was.
Right now I'm just tired.
A lotta dancing.
Not enough sleep.
I'm not handling the time shift well. I think I need to reup my vitamin D intake.

Here's the blocks that are completed:
Nubees, Hive #1, Nov for nybird
Nubees, Hive #1, Nov for Safiya
4x5 hive #9 for The Busy Bean
3x6, HIve #9, Q4, for scrapstudio

This one has to be redone...I fluffed a seam.
Nubee Hive #1, Nov for Five Baht Elephant

Here's the stack of undone bits. My goal is to get them sewn up by Sat and prep my Dead Simple to quilt.
blocks in progress!
I think I have around 15 total to do. I'm waiting for some black fabric and some oomph. Maybe Fri. Tomorrow will be more dancing and a date with the dentist to get my tooth looked at. I'm praying it's an easy fix. I hate getting my teeth messed with....

To Do:
Last week's skill builder block
New Bee block for Nov.
3x6 blocks for hive #9
4x5 blocks
Dead Simple (to sammich and quilt)
Swap charms to cut (not for the black, white & grey swap)
Swap charms to sort
Nubees Nov blocks
Monkey quilt (waiting to be assembled)
Mom's quilt....still looking for a long arm quilter....

Linking up to:
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, November 7, 2011


For those of you who are not cat or dog folks, avert your eyes.
I caught The Kraken trying to groom the dog yesterday.
He's a bit too shaggy right now.

this one is my favorite (and perhaps the most disturbing):

I seriously laughed for at least 30 minutes after she stopped.

I presented at a conference and had only a small group. I was a bit bummed as I had spent a lot of energy prepping the presentation.
I comforted myself with a quick jaunt to Joann's. I got home to discover my pouch from the Pretty Little Pouch swap had arrived.

I had bookmarked/favorited a pouch that I loved that I was sure I wouldn't get. I had even shown it to the Pirate and had ooohed and aaaaahed.
Pouch received!
And it got EVEN better when I opened it up:
pouchie love!

I did major happy dancing (despite being sore from many hours of practice yesterday). The lovely Katie from Katie's Korner created it for me. She's got some other fabulous quilts over there. Please check them out....

Now...what you've been patiently waiting for...
I hit more than 50 followers.
I went the my LQS and picked up 3 fat quarters of Amy Butler's new LARK line.
These three lovelies can be yours.
1. You have to be a follower. (I would like it to be thank you to the folks who have kept me going. If you're new, I hope you'll stick around.) Leave me ONE comment. You can say anything. I will ship internationally (I just can't help if it takes a bit to get to you. I'll try to mail it out within 24 hours of sorting out the winner.)