Monday, May 13, 2013

And now...with pictures!

Some finishes:

The Heal Circle quilt is actually going to get delivered:

Heal quilt
Heal quilt

I finished an infinity scarf but I have to take a pic.

I did a batch of 3x6 blocks:

3x6, Hive G
3x6, Hive G
3x6, hive G
3x6, Hive G
3x6, Hive G
3x6, Hive G

Allegory finally got a VERY late block:

block for Al

I finished the May blocks for the Heal Circle:

Heal Blocks, May

I'm still working on the scrappy tripalong that I started at Stash Bash.  It's only 48" square.  I'm debating borders to make it bigger.

Scrappy Trip in progress

I *finally* finished the Orbit quilt from way back at the Stash Bash.

Orbit quilt, done!

In totally unrelated news, I got an amazing I Heart the 80s swap from Leona (aka oneygirl):

i Love the 80s swap received!

I still haven't sewn the clutches.  I came home and crashed out.  Then I went to dance practice.
I need to get new glasses.  Apparently, um...the potato juice I got sprayed with when we were using potato launchers etched my plastic lenses.  Not quite sure how that happened.