Saturday, April 7, 2012

What I've been up to since Tues...

The car is now working.
It had to live in the shop for 2 days.
I couldn't really leave the house.

So, I sewed. A Lot.
I have three quilts pin basted, waiting for some quilting action.
One of them is going to be hand quilted. *gasp*
I finished all my April Nubee blocks:
NuBee, April #8, for Alyson_Olander
NuBee, April #8, for  sewscrappyquilts
NuBee, April #8, for Anna O StitchHappens
Nubee, April #8, for Nanners1222
Nubee, April Hive #8 for My Husband's Headache!

I made my pouch for the Pretty Little Pouch swap.
Then I sweated because my partner isn't ga ga about yellow, but she likes it. So, off it went.
Pretty Pouch, back
Pretty Pouch, front

I pieced the top for the red, grey, and black quilt.
It isn't pin basted yet.
Red, Black, and Grey top pieced!

I started sewing up one set of Skillbuilder blocks into a top.
first skill builder quilt
I had to dismantle a crappily done block. Which I haven't redone yet.

I did my April blocks for the Heal Circle at Do.Good.Stitches.
Heal, Do.Good.Stitches, April
Heal, Do.Good.Stitches, April

I mailed off a secret package.

I joined the Add a Border group on flickr. (I know..right?! Like I needed something else to do.)
I had WAY too much fun making these starters.
Caution tape
In the Jungle...
Death is no parenthesis..
Taller than Her Siblings

I tested a pattern.
pattern testing
Twice..because I made a boo boo the first time. (And figured out my 1/4 in foot was bent.)

Speaking of boo boos, I nicked myself twice on the rotary cutter.
I have a new HUGE bruise on my foot and a newly fixed foot (thank you, chiro!) because I slammed myself into the wall/fridge trying to catch something falling off the top shelf...something that turned out NOT to be glass and could have fallen without incident. *sigh* I have FAST reflexed, if not good ones.

I cut into my Parisville for the Cosmic Burst QAL on Distant Pickles. I'm doing the Precious QAL and Cosmic Burst as a twofer. The Parisville needs to be made into a couch snuggler.

I got an AMAZING package from Mommy Made It! as part of the Scrappy Mug Rug swap:
Mug Rug Swap, Rec'd!!!!!

I also got an amazing package from my Covert Robin partner, who will be guest posting, I think, on Tuesday.

I cut up fabric for my May Neutral and Not blocks. I'm going to finish packing them up tomorrow, so I can have them ready to mail off. April is a crazy month with parent conference prep.

I went to the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting and joined up. Woo!!!
I got to listen to the guest speaker, Melody Miller. I was uber excited to hear her. The Pirate has probably gotten tired of hearing me remind him to remind me to get up early on Saturday to go. I've been doing that for 2 weeks now. Hearing her talk made me want to buy major yardage of her next line coming out. I am still coveting the current one. (I got some typewriter fabric that is being petted. Still hunting on the red typewriters.)

On tap for Easter Sunday:
trip to the post office
dancing with bellydance partner (to Minnie the Moucher)
sewing the block for April's Neutral and Not (hopefully before the post office trip)
writing a vocab test
writing the post for the next quarter of the Finish Along.
Happy Easter (technically it is on the East Coast now)!

Guest posting...

I guest posted over at Yeung Mother Hubbard's, my swap partner for the Covert Robin.
I can't believe I haven't posted since Tues.
More coming later...