Friday, June 7, 2013


So, I drew a winner for the Travelin' Stash.

It's #5, Monica!

I'm emailing you.  As soon as I hear back, I'll post it ASAP.

I didn't work on the Halloween quilt today.  Um..I ran errands (hunt for a new living room rug and a new case for my old iphone)...
Also, I made Cerisy skirt from an imaginegnats tutorial.

It's reversible.  I'll post up pics later.  If you follow me on instagram (EllaThrowawench), I posted it there already.  Hilariously, the new iphone case matches the colors of the skirt.

I definitely see more of these in my future, maybe for honeymoon wear, especially if my ribbed fabric order gets here quickly.  Wooo!