Sunday, May 25, 2014

Been working...

on evals mostly.

But I took out time to sew this weekend.
Gonna sew some more tomorrow.  The plan is to bind  Starlight #1.  I have it hand quilted and the binding made.  I have two other quilts basted.  Mom's Quite Contrary and the Penny Patch quilt.  I might even get to quilting on both a bit.  I also plan on working on the clutches for my soon to be cousin in law.

Starlight #1, waiting for binding:
working on Starlight 1

I have my red/purple done for the ALYOF, but I haven't gotten decent pics yet.

Which leads me to the crummy pics I took tonight.

I finished my installment on the Crazy and Twisted quilt that was mine to work on.  I have one more coming my way.  This one is done early!  I'm going to mail it off Tues.

Crazy and twisted piece

I finally got to work on my Gypsy wife.  I'm 3 months behind in the QAL.
Here are May's blocks:

May blocks for Gypsy Wife

It's actually mostly red, purple, chartreuse, and some yellow.  I could not get it to photograph decently.

I'm going to go knit a bit before crashing.

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