Sunday, January 5, 2014

ALYOF Jan 2014 goal

So, I can't resist the shiny at times.  I want to make all the projects NOW.

I've joined up on two trends.  One was the economy block along.
Economy top

I made a top over the weekend.  Plus side, I used up some hoarded AMH Field Study.  Downside, I think I need me some leopard flannel to back this one.   (Upside, I have kona raisin I want to use for the binding.)  It's not cheating if it immediately comes and goes from the stash, right?)

But, that's not my goal for January.  I also started working on the Feather QAL blocks.  I decided to keep using up the Field Study.  I'm using the scraps from the Economy blocks and the rest of the bundle.  I'm going scrappy.  No set plan on this one.  I kind of need the improv-ness to keep me motivated on the paper piecing.  Got blocks A-D done.  I'd like at least stay on schedule for that QAL for the month of January.

Here's what I have done so far:
Feathers A and B

Feathers C and D
To be on schedule, I have to do blocks E, F, G and H still.

I'd love to be ahead of the game and up to I or J, but through H will still be acceptable to me.

Also, I wanted to put out there my goal of reading actual books more often.

So far, I've finished a Rick Riordan that was languishing for a long time.
I'm also almost done with The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.  Update:  Finished it last night!

I have to knit like a fiend this month.  I just got some scentless Soak yesterday for washing and blocking!  On top of all the projects on my FAL list, I have to knit 3 cyclops caps for the play and paint flats.  Wooo.  At least the play is written.  I have to cast it this week.  I also have plans to chop off my hair.  I hate it right now.  Did I mention wanting to do all the projects NOW?


Clumsy Chord said...

What did you think of The Blind Assassin? (All that quilty goodness and I get stuck on the Margaret Atwood?) It was one of my least favourite of her books, but so many people seemed to think it was really something pretty amazing, so I always wonder if I missed something in the reading and maybe I should go back to it.

Carla said...

Your feather quilt will be absolutely amazing. I wish I had the time. I was reading through your previous post and your list is impressive. I don't think I've ever seen that many knitting projects lined up. If I leave my knitting for any length of time, I forget what I'm doing.....

DaisyLiz said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't been much of a reader for years, but I used to say that Margaret Atwood was my favorite author. I absolutely loved her writing. Never read Blind Assassin - started it and couldn't get into it. Maybe Clumsy and I should both revisit it… As for the fabric, I absolutely love what you've done with the AMH. The feather blocks - even though I don't know how they'll go together in the end - feature the prints really nicely.

Lyanna said...

I love your feather blocks, I bet it will be amazing!! I can't even think about all my knitting projects right now, just trying to ride on the bit of spunk I've gotten for sewing and organizing right now. I wanted to try reading a classic this month along with everything else, so I jumped into Sense & Sensibility - not feeling it. That Blind Assassin book sounds right up my alley though, thanks!!