Thursday, October 10, 2013

No pictures today, and sad faced me.

So, I'm leaning toward agreeing with the Hand, Foot suggestion.  I had a new spate of blistery things on my other hand...and I haven't handled any sewing bits in common with the weekend activities in the past two days.  I still feel like crap, but for other reasons.

I'm currently a splotchy faced, sniffly mess.

I was pattern testing for Rachael at Imaginegnats, who is awesome and lovely.

My Janome had been crabby about sewing knits in the past but had been tended to in the meantime.  I made it through part of the cardi before my machine started skipping stitches.  I switched out thread and needles.  I'd make it part way through a seam...then skipping again.
Then it ate a sleeve.  As in shredded my knit fabric.  So, my cardi #1 is as done as it's going to be.  I've fray checked the hole.  I'm putting Cardi #2 on hold.  I'll have pics of #1 posted at some point, when I'm not a splotch.

I'm going to take the whole machine apart, but, at this point, I'm thinking of throwing it away.
It's not worth paying the $75 to service it again.  I'm also getting soured on Janome in general, having had bad issues with tension on my Horizon as well.  I'm looking for a workhorse that does simple stuff, like straight lines, but can still quilt.  Under $300 if possible.  Any suggestions?  I can't take having a machine that destroys many hours and money's worth of work.


  1. Last year when my Viking started acting up, I ended up buying a Singer Confidence Quilter for about $300. What I like about it besides the price is that it came with an extention table thingy for FMQ and included both a walking foot and a darning foot for the price. On the down side, I didn't like the closed toe (but clear plastic) on the darning foot. And about 3 quilts it, the whole thing broke and I was able to buy a replacement I liked for about $30.

  2. Oh you really need a break!!
    Has HF&M been going round school - it's definitely a kid thing that starts when the weather starts to cool here.
    Can't help with the machine, but there are many wiser than me xxx

  3. It's a bit more than $300 (probably around $900 in the US) but I just bought a Juki for exactly what you described. He's my new life partner, love him so much!

  4. Eeeww, it's definitely a kid thing, little buggers love spreading their germs!

    I do love both my brothers for work-horseness (totally a word) but if it's just with knits you have a problem, maybe consider getting an overlocker (you can disengage the knife if you're chicken, I do ;o) ) The Brother 1034D is under the $300 mark I think