Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fabric wish listing!

Ok, so there is a really cool linkup happening over here:

Low Volume Swap

You should totally join in.

I'm hoping for some of my favorite fabrics to pop up and for someone to be willing swap or trade or such.

Those of you who follow me know two folks pop up in my work fairly consistently.

First, I'm a sucker for Tula.  Her Prince Charming line is the first one I collected as a quilter.
That frog still kills me.  As does her octopus.  However, I'm hunting for some oldies...ones that came out way before I discovered them.

Nest and Neptune

Anyone got any that wants to swap me?

My second favorite designer is probably Lizzy House.  I love her lines (and am dying for Catnap to come out already).  I may have an octopus dress still planned for Salt Water but I am DYING to make a vintage-y rockabilly dress out of Lizzy's kitties.  Oh, and her foxes in Outfoxed in the orange.  Still in love.

The ducks from Red Letter Day (I missed out) and Outfoxed foxes in the orange.

I'm putting it out there into the universe.  Give me a holler if you're interested.


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Sorry I can't help, but hope you find your dream swapper somewhere x

Ellie-Mae said...

I've got a bit of nest and a few scraps of the ducks. Want me to send you some?

Leanne said...

I have some fat quarters of Red Letter day kicking around. I will see what is left. However it has all been prewashed so maybe you are less interested, let me know.

DaisyLiz said...

I'm traveling and was in a shop today that has Neptune's swans (I think they're swans...) I got some green, but they also have pink. Pink's half off because there might be a little fading on the crease. Email me if you're interested. I might go back and see what else they have - was in a hurry today.

DaisyLiz said...

I'll have to double check which line the birds came from... They have the Neptune octopus in coral. Wanted to clarify before I confused things. And your email isn't auto loading in my device

DaisyLiz said...

Plume. Promise it's my last comment.

Michele said...

Good luck!

Emily said...

I have a few FQs of Plume that I can spare. Also, I'd be interested in DaisyLiz's Neptune spotting!