Tuesday, April 23, 2013

growing to do list....

Seriously, y'all, my to do list is like a room of bunnies.  I turn my back for a few minutes...and there's a herd.

Which is not to say that I haven't gotten some stuff done.
(The wedding stuff just seems to keep multiplying...even as I tick off my list.)

What's done:

The Must Dash quilt has been gifted.  The dad teared up.

Must Dash done!

This was my April finish for the Year of Lovely Finishes.

A Lovely Year of Finishes
I'll be linking up!

Other finishes:

I'm plugging away at my bags.  I had 14 on my to do list.  Got through a bunch and have a few more in progress.  I'm trying to finish my project for the "I love the 80s swap" to mail out Fri, so other pieces are on hold.

Here are the done ones:

Bags cont.
More bags!

I need to baste my Heal top and my Orbit top.

Here's the Heal:

Heal Circle quilt

I don't have a pic of the Orbit one on my camera yet.

I finished my Heal blocks for April.

Heal Blocks, April and mailed my last 4x5 block for this quarter.

4x5, Hive#3 for quirkyhannah

I still have a TON to do.  I've been dealing with wedding stuff still.  I have a crapload of crayons to finish casting and mail, hopefully with the swap item on Fri.  I want to mail them north before it gets too hot and they might melt.

I'm trying to finish up parent conferences this week...and not sleep too much because of my allergies.  I'm trying to retain my sewing mojo.  To be truthful, I really miss sewing with a crew.  I need to break out the big machine.  I started a quilt at StashBash to try to get more acquainted with it.  I'm ordering a low tension bobbin to see if I can overcome some of the FMQ trauma from before.

Also, my stack of quilts I want to be making now include:
A Retro Flowers
the Steampunk one from Amitie
The Marcelle Medallion
Tula's blocks

ACk.  Can someone make the days longer?


Marla said...

I believe a group of bunnies is called a warren. Have you read Watership Down? Fantastic book!

Rebeckah Austin said...

LOVE the 'stash quilt :)

Melissa said...

You have so much going on! I have been working on the tensions issues with my horizon too this week and I may finally have figured out the quirks of my machine. She likes the feed dogs up, and she likes to use the start/stop feature when doing fmq. I can't use my foot control, she likes a steady speed the whole time. Don't know if that will help at all. Good luck with everything on your plate.

Katy Cameron said...

I hope the Pirate's crankin' out crayons too!