Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Covert Robin!

I'm sorry this is so late.  It in no way reflects my excitement over giving or receiving the Covert Robin.

the covert robin button

What I sent:

A roll of un-paper towels to Bonnie over at Fishsticks Designs.

I'll admit, y'all, I was a tad intimidated.  She's an amazing sewist.  Designs her own patterns.
She also has a focus on conservation/minimizing waste.

So, I thought and thought.  Then I found a cool tutorial on un-paper towels.

I got to try out some new skills.  I'd never sewn with terry cloth before.  I hadn't put in snaps before either.  That was WAY harder than I thought it would be.  (I used one of those hammer it on dealies.  Next time, I might try the plier/squeezy tool.  I was just worried my hands would be too wimpy.)

Bonnie's pictures are far nicer than mine.  Check it out on her blog in action.  Here's my subpar photo:

covert project

I also sent her a journal because I feel I must share my lust for journals with others.

Green Journal Cover

I got an amazing package from Cindy over at Spin the Bobbin.
I've met her at the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.  She made me a gorgeous clutch for my wedding!

Covert Robin gift rec'd!

In all my to do list, I never had a clutch for myself on the list.  Now I don't have to!
Also, she knows of my love of all things Tula and sent me some Salt Water.  I HAVE to do something with that kraken.

Thanks to all the lovely women who organized the Covert Robin!


Cindy said...

Glad you like what I sent. I need to make some un-paper towels. They look great and I'm sure she loved them.

Marla said...

That clutch is clutch. I love the fabric you used for the towels!

Katy Cameron said...

Great swapsies, and love the idea of the clutch