Sunday, April 15, 2012

Got a bit done this weekend...

I've been handsewing with Perle. I'm so slow!
I have, I think, 3 more blocks left to decorate and 6 mini blocks to outline. Then it will be time to sew the binding on, which I haven't made yet.
handquilting on Sew. Happy
it's not the best pic, but I was doing an inner outline on the orange star.

I got the first 2 quadrants done on the Precious/Cosmic Burst quilt out of Parisville.
Cosmic Burst
Cosmic Burst

I broke out in hives today...I don't think it had anything to do with almost using up all my pomegranate eyes from the Parisville. I blame the "crack" almonds. The Pirate makes them from time to time, but he used succanat this time. I may be allergic to it. (It's the only thing new I ate in time to link to the hives. Of course, it could be something I touched in the sewing room.
Blarg. I had to Benadryl up for the first time in weeks.
I think the high pollen levels and spending time outside threw me off into reactivity land.
I wish I could get retested for a food panel of allergies, but it is CRAZY expensive because it's not covered by my insurance.
Itchy. Is. Not. Fun.

Also noteworthy from this past weekend.
We took the dog to the Festival on Ponce.
Mmmmm. food trucks.
We went to Selvage. I got some bakelite buckles and vintage buttons...and another model for a bag I'm trying to draft.
Got my test fabrics from The Intrepid much loveliness.
There will be a tutorial in the next month...
That's it.


  1. Heh, I'm sure the hives were to scare you off using any more of that fabric ;o) Good luck with the rest of the quilting! I'm quilting my Stained QAL top right now in bursts, it's become something of a wrestling match :o/

  2. Oh poor you!
    The quilts are looking good - I love your precious choice x

  3. Those blocks look great! Allergies are the worst! =D

  4. Crappy! I'm sorry to hear about the hives, Ella. Keep up the great progress, though!

  5. hives suck so so bad! i got them once and i thought i was going to die... between my toes and under my fingernails. succubus! totally in love with your precious quilt though! love that fabric line so much!