Friday, March 2, 2012

still haven't finished off the quilt crime...

I can't bring myself to hand sew the binding.
Instead, I finished the 2nd block for the Heal Circle of Do. Good. Stiches.
Pinwheel for Heal circle

I started a mug rug for a swap.
mug rug

I ironed some veils my dance student and I dyed. Hers came out really intense in color. (She used up 4 half jars of dye.) I think mine looks like poppies, but I kind of wish I had less white in it.
dyed veil

I still have to clean and finish some bee blocks tomorrow.

We're on a tornado watch until early early Sat morn. Plans to head to the botanical garden have been shelved due to the crap o weather.


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh I think your tie-dye looks great - very patriotic !

Katy Cameron said...

Heh, loving your procrastination here! The tie dye does look like poppies, very cool

Cherie said...

It is often easier to put something off until you have nothing left to do for a while.