Thursday, March 1, 2012

quilt heinousity...

I committed heinous quilting today.
I spent a long time making a pieced back for the Rockin Robin.
It went wrong early as a project. (I had work off today.)
I tried to square it up, FAIL.
It was a trapezoid.

I pin basted and sweated. (It's unseasonably warm in GA today.)
I couldn't figure out how to quilt it, since the layout wasn't conducive to straight lining it.
I won't try to quilt anything bigger than a mini on my Janome.
I don't have walking foot that works with it.
I ended up with lots of folds and crinkles....and just BAD looking quilting.
Ah well, I think it's destined to be a car quilt.
I REALLY didn't know what I was doing when I made it...subpar fabric, crappy seam allowances.
I had a BLAST making it, but it wasn't done well.
It was one of my first quilts during the summer.

Anyway...I FINALLY got my Feb New Bee block done.
New Bee for Feb.

I also got one block down for the Do. Good. Stitches for March.
Do.Good. Stitches, Heal, March and plugging away at the to do list.

Unless the quilt gets magically better after washing, I may not post a finished pic. It's THAT bad.

also..tests came back from the Dr. They think it was a heart misfire or a panic attack. No idea why. No history of either....but all the tests came back that's good at least.
Oh...and I got the go ahead to go to the Sewing Summit in Oct!!!!


  1. So glad your tests came back OK x

    PS loving the solids block, and I'm sure every car needs a quilt or 2!

  2. Oh dear, sorry about the block from hell, but the others look good!

    Glad the test came back okay too, see you at SS :oD

  3. Oh come on you have to show the good the bad and the fugly =D It's what quilting is all about.
    Love the blocks!!

  4. i am in love with these blocks! i am glad your tests came back ok!

  5. I'm glad everything came back okay! Yikes! Hopefully, it was a one-time thing! That block for dgs is awesome! So bold!