Saturday, October 1, 2011

September recap...

I got a lot done in September.
Three full quilts, I think.
A bunch of blocks.
I have a top partially assembled, a second Across the Sea QAL top done, and most of a charity quilt top done.
It was a good month, given that there was a camping trip and a return to school in there.
Fresh Sewing Day

I still have a big "to do" list, just for this weekend even.

I got my pincushion done today.
Toadstool Pincushion

I got to hand my quiltie gift off to my dance partner...and give hugs and talk.

I still have the following to do Sunday, all before dinner:
1. Bra edge for Japanese scrap bag challenge
2. 100 quilts for kids quilt
3. House block for Skill Builder
4. Pouch design
5. Bee blocks! (for Sew Bee Blissful, New Bee on the Block, and Nubees)
6. Hoopla

I'm also linking up to the Small Blog Meetup. I've found some awesome folks that way.
Small Blog Meet
I have a charm swap idea in the works...trying to get the details sorted this week.
I might even have a giveaway planned when I hit 50.


Rebecca said...

Wow, that's a lot for one month! And cute pincushion!

Stephanie Nagano said...

Seriously? Wow, you go! I'm a new follower! Maybe some of your mojo will rub off on me. ;P

Cindy said...

You did get some sewing in last month! Good for you! You did a great job!

Flying Blind... said...

That's a serious amount of makes, and a lot to do before dinner!! Great going x

Annabella said...

Oh wow! You did so much and it`s all so lovely! I think those ATS quilts could get addictive - I have one to make for my mum!

Kate said...

What a sweet pincushion!

Sandra Kaye said...

OHH, that Mushroom is just to cute!! Hugs--Sandie

Kirsten N said...

Such great finishes!! Love your Across the Sea quilts.

Jules said...

Lots of sewing done last month, I'm also on the Small Blog Meet.....nice to meet you :)

Alli said...

Your pincushion is adorable! :D

Lynne said...

You have been, and continue to be, busy with your projects.