Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday finishes!

I got yesterday off for Rosh Hashanah.
I got up at the usual work time to sew.

I want to give a quilt to my dance partner of at least 7 years.
She's facing surgery Tues for lung cancer. I know she's going to need lots of sleep, so I wanted something lovely for her to snuggle with...and for her to feel loved every time she wakes up.
I started Wed (and probably would have stayed up all night but I was worried I wouldn't wake up Friday for messing with my sleep cycle).
This took me most of the day Thurs.
Etana's quilt

It's so beautiful. The more I work with them, the more I love batiks.
Etana's quilt
Etana's quilt, back
It reminds me of images of space.

I decided that since I was handsewing already, I might as well keep going.
I bound and finished my girl version of the Across the Sea QAL.
It's going to a colleague (with my same legal name) who is having her very first baby.
I think she's picked a wonderful name (the same of one of my best friend's daughter...who I adore).
quilt back
Although my quilting wasn't perfect, I love the crinkly goodness.

I think I have fabric picked for my Pretty Little Pouch fabric.
pouch picks?

I have a plan. I want to see if she likes any of them more than others first.

I wish I had another full day of sewing available...
Still left to do (will be attacked in this order):
1. Japanese scrap bag challenge finish
2. finish 100 quilts for kids quilt
3. Pincushion
4. Pouch
5. Bee blocks
6. Hoopla


  1. oh my gosh, they are both so beautiful! great job, it's nice to finish quilts, isn't it?!

  2. Your ATS quilt looks fab! Love the colours and fabrics! And your batik quilt is just gorgeous :-)

  3. I love the colours you have chosen for your friend's quilt - it's beautiful. May it bring her comfort and joy.