Monday, August 22, 2011


It appears to have washed out...THANK BOB.
Is it bad if the pillow cover has that crinkly quilt feel now? If it is, any advice on how to smooth it out again?

Seriously, I was so terrified I would have to start again, that I'm just glad it doesn't have a huge black mark on it.

On the other hand, I don't want to give my partner something disappointing.
Any advice?

I started cutting up prints for 2 baby quilts in the Across the Sea Quiltalong.
I still have to cut background material.
If you want to join, check it out here:

Lessee....I spent most of the day at school. My room is sooooo lovely.
Just thought I'd share a bit of it with ya.


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  1. Babe, don't worry about it, just write in the nite you include that you had to wash it and hope that she understands. She will, everyone has had days like that.
    Is that your dorm room? It looks like you're dooming in Hogwarts?