Sunday, January 6, 2019

My FAL Q4 Finishes!

I posted my super BEEG list here.

What actually got done:

1. AMQG BOM (designed by me!!!!), version 1, mini size
AMQG mini

2.  Libs Elliott  The Weight of Love quilt
Weight of Love quilt

3.  Cactus quilt
Cactus quilt

4.  Serenity Circle heart quilt
Serenity heart quilt

5.  Hospice Alison Glass quilt (maple leaf)
Serenity maple leaf

6.  Hospice Alison Glass quilt 2
Alison Glass bee quilt

7.  Wonderland QAL quilt

8.  Gift bags for holidays
gift bags

9.  All Star quilt (Tula)
All Star quilt

I have a few REALLY close to be being done, but getting sidelined by an extreme allergic reaction messed up my last week of 2018.

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Lynne said...

Ella, congrats on your finishes! You get so much well as organizing Serenity Circle and hosting FAL. You are amazing and inspiring!