Saturday, July 7, 2018

Q2 Finishes

I blogged my original LARGE list here.
I didn't make a HUGE dent in my list, but ten finishes (mostly quilts) isn't shabby...and that's not counting some now finished quilts and backs waiting to be basted and three quilts that are in various stages of quilting.

Finishes this quarter:

1. Village quilt
VIllage quilt

2.  Project 48 quilt
Project 48 quilt

3.  Meadow quilt

4.  Quicker by the Dozen
Quicker by the Dozen

5.  Delilah BOM

6.  Log Cabin quilt
Log Cabin

7.  Girl Next Door quilt
Girl Next Door

8.  Serenity Circle quilt (blocks from winter 2017)
Serenity quilt 2

9.  Serenity 2
Serenity quilt

10.  Dog bed


So....10.  But lots of progress made on others.  I actually have one EMPTY project box.  Woooo!

Linking up!


Kathy S. said...

Love that girl next door quilt. Beautiful projects. Congrats on one EMPTY project box!

Dawn said...

Sew many great quilts!!! Great on the empty project box and your happy companion on the bed!

Lynne said...

Ella, Congratulations as you have finished soooo much! Thanks for being a FAL host and participant!

felicity said...

Ten finishes!! "Not bad" HAHA. It's amazing! And they're all beautiful!! On behalf of the global hosts, thank you for linking up to the FAL.