Sunday, December 31, 2017

Finish-A-Long Quarter 4 Finishes


1.  Resist Quilt

resist quilt

2.  Long Time Gone QAL
longtime gone

3. Molehills quilt

Molehills quilt

4.  The Honey Pot Bee, hosted by Molli Sparkles
honeypot quilt

5.  Peru quilt  (designed at Sisters)
peru mini for dad

6.  Serenity Circle quilt
serenity quilt

7.  Hospice 3
hospice quilt

8.  Trail tote 1 for Karen   (giftted, forgot to get pics)

9.  Hospice 1
hospice quilt

10.  Hospice 2
hospice quilt

11.  Hospice 4
hospice quilt

12.  Hospice 5
hospice quilt

Other finishes (not on my original list):

pouch for R

pouch for my brother (gifted before pics)

Trail Tote for T (gifted before pics)

Linking up!

2018 is officially going to be the year of finishing off some old well as being ADHD and starting a million more projects.

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Cut&Alter said...

Wow what a lot of great finishes!! Thanks for taking part in the FAL - from the FAL hosts!