Thursday, September 28, 2017

Finish-A-Long Q3: What I Actually Finished

Well, not surprisingly, my list remains long. My finishes, four, are kind of sad by my standards.  To be fair, I had sprained my thumb, which took FOREVER to start healing.  I've been trying to unearth the guest bedroom which became a fabric and suitcase dumping ground this summer.  Also, I didn't stop myself from starting some new things.  I didn't expect to do the Tula quilt and just got a bit carried away.  I've had to pick and choose what got sent out to be long armed because I couldn't quilt with the thumb. So....yeah.  Also, I'm missing pictures and am just too tired to deal.  I'm a full body hive right now.  Spent a night at the ER because of an allergic reaction.

  Sewing: Progress and Finishes

1.  Violet Craft's Lion quilt (slowly hand quilting it)
Violet Craft lion

2.  Milky Way Sampler, hosted by Blossom Heart Quilts (top pieced)
Milky Way quilt

3.  Do.Good.Quilt, Serenity Circle, April Quilt (top pieced)

4.  Test Tank for Katie (cut)  completed, but not by me...

5.  Arrow skirt  FINISHED

6.  Triangle skirt  FINISHED

7.  Long Time Gone QAL (at long armer)

IMG_0375 (1)

8.  Summer Solstice quilt  (top pieced)

9. quicker by dozen quilt  (top pieced)


10.  Word quilt FINISHED


11.  Vinyl zipper pouches  FINISHED AND GIFTED

12.  Tula Butterfly Quilt  (at long armer)

The next list will, of course, be insane as it includes holiday gifts among new things I've started.
I'll have a batch coming back from long armers that need to be bound....and I'm prioritizing some hospice quilts before the holidays hit.

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Lucy - Charm About You said...

All such lovely projects. Well done on your finishes, especially with all you've been dealing with. I hope you're feeling better! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.