Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Finishes: Q2 FAL 2017

I'm in and out this month with crazy stuff.  Sorry I didn't do enough psst look at the tutorial calls.  I hope you've checked them out!

Here's my FAL updates.  (I'm only including stuff I actually finished)


6.  Slow Snail Quilt, hosted by Gnome Angel DONE! (but packed for Sisters)

10. Snail pouches  DONE

11.  Lloyd and Lola quilt.  I did a mini for my dad.  DONE

15.  Maker's Tote (I got as far as cutting parts out and then fizzled on bag making)  DONE AND GIFTED

17.  Maker's Tote 2  DONE (...and I didn't take any pics yet)

18.  Trail tote 1 (ditto)

19.  Trail Tote 2 (ditto)

21.  Iris quilt  DONE
IMG_0064 (1)

29.  cat head for dad DONE

34. Tangential quilt (at long-armer)  DONE  My friend Kira did an AMAZING AMAZING job!

45.  Pincushion project  DONE

47.  Tula Pink Skull quilt DONE (and near the bottom of the pile of stuff I moved to pack for when I get back)

55.  Secret Sister projects  DONE AND GIFTED (These are giant baskets and hard to see)
secret sister

56.  Postcard for Sisters Fundraiser  DONE
IMG_9757 (2)

57. #seamonster swap (secret secret)

58.  Bobbin wallet clutch  DONE
IMG_9785 (1)

I didn't do any knitting at all this semester!  My list is probably going to be long again next quarter.  Link up!  I'm off to cheerlead!


Izzy said...

Wow you were really productive this quarter!! That's awesome! On behalf of the global FAL hosts, thank you for playing along with us this quarter. ;-)

O'Quilts said...

wow is right...and each is even better than the next!

Katie said...

Hey I know those snails -- I totally missed the link up this time but got a similar short list of completions