Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Finishes, Quarter 1, Finish-a-Long 2017

My original list was CRAZY.  You can find it here.
I didn't get as much as I wanted to get done actually expect an even bigger, crazier list for Quarter 2.  I get to go to Stash Bash, so hubris says I'll assume I can get more done there than I actually can.

I'm just going to list the number on my original list for my actual finishes.


9.  Do.Good.Quilt, Serenity Circle, slab quilt  (It's the Jan quilt for my circle.)
slab quilt for Serenity

10.  Timber Quilt
Timber quilt

21.  Framed quilt
Framed quilt

28.  churn dash for hospice
Churn Dash quilt

45.  Infinity Scarf Project
infinity scarves



5.  Pussy hats
Pussyhat project
pussy hats

The truth is that I have five more quilts basted (3 awaiting machine quilting, one awaiting hand) and two more in mid process of hand quilting.

I keep breaking my walking feet.  Seriously, I know I quilt A LOT, but the spring seems to go pretty quickly.  Anyone have advice/a supplier/a tutorial on how to repair one?

Seven is not stellar for me, BUT I have a bunch ready to whip out next quarter, and spring break is nigh!  I also did a crap load of BOM blocks AND a ton of costumery for my class play, so I'm counting it all as a win.


Sarah said...

Wow! You finished a lot this quarter and seem to have so much more in progress too. The timber quilt is really lovely. I know you are one of the co-hosts too this year, but it's still great to see all the finishes!

Katie said...

that's a great batch of finishes and I know that some are multiples so it's really more than 7 -- can't wait till the bash in just about 3 weeks. YAY!!

felicity said...

WOW now that was a productive quarter!!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I think that's a very impressive list of finishes. Congrats and three cheers for similar progress next quarter!