Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ALYOF Sept finishes (and more)

I finished my items for the #whedonverseswap15.

I decided to make an apron for my partner as she likes to cook.
I went with a Captain Hammer emblem.


I decided I needed to add more, so I made a cross stitch of a quote from "Firefly."


I'm adding a bunch of other lovelies to the mix.

In addition,  I finally finished the socks for my SIL.

socks for SIL

I also finally got around to taking pictures of my C&S improv...which turned into two pillow covers for the guest room.  I have Misdirection pics, too (also now living in the guest bedroom).

C & S improv

(This is the best pic I have as the guest bed is covered in stuff right now.)

I finished the Heal Circle quilt over Yom Kippur.  It was, sadly, the first quilt I've finished in a while.

Heal circle quilt Heal back

I finished the Owl Pillow (which is a Christmas present for a friend of mine).

owl pillow

The Moda Modern Building blocks top is now at the long armer.

Oh, and I finished the hat for my FIL. hat for FIL linking up!

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