Saturday, July 4, 2015

FAL finishes, 2nd Quarter

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I started off with a crazy list.  I like crazy lists.

I got 20 items crossed off my list.  My next one is going to be even more insane as I'm starting to gear up for Christmas presents.  I like making homemade ones for loved ones, but it means I have to start well in advance, especially if knitting is involved.

Anywho, I posted my original list here.

Here's how I did.


1.  Catvent (Cotton and Steel version)--Finished!

Catvent, cotton and steel
2.  Hexy Diamond--no progress

3.  Marcelle Medallion--Finished!


4.  Gypsy Wife--top complete!

5.  Moda Block party--Made a serious dent.  It's the first on my list for the next quarter.

6.  Starbright 2--ran low on purples.

7.  Meridian 2--no progress

8.  Tangential--no progress.  I have to find my bloc lock ruler.

9.  Tear Drop quilt--no progress

10.  Doctor Who embroidery sampler--no progress

11.  Knitting bags (3)
knitting bags

12.  Catvent quilt (Lizzy House version)--no progress.  Not sure where I stuffed my scraps.

13.  placemats--Finished!

14.  modern medallion--no progress

15.  scrap monster 2--Finished!

Scrap monster 2
16.  Patchwork City quilt--no progress

17.  Steampunk quilt--started but trying to decide whether or not to hand sew it.

18.  Zelda quilt--2nd on my list.  I need to play catch up.

19.  Cross quilt (C&S)--no progress

20.  Death Star quilt--Finished!

Death Star

21.  Hazel pillow--Finished!

Hazel pillow

22.  Stash Bash secret swap--Finished!

bee bagpart of Stash Bash present

23.  Betsy bag--Finished!

Betsy Bag

24.  Monster pouch (2)--Finished!

Monster pouches

25.  #nerdscraftitbetter swap--Finished!


26.  Jess test quilt--top completed

27.  Starjump 2--Finished!

Starjump 2

28.  Guild FQ challenge--Finished!

Guild swap items

29.  Spring sidekick--Finished!


30.  1 hr basket--Finished!

1 hour basket

31.  Heal circle May--still waiting on blocks

32.  Halloween Donut quilt--Finished!

Donut quilt

33.  Flannel pj pants--no progress

34.  Itty Bitty broken star quilt--no progress

35.  Postage stamp quilt--Finished!

Postage Stamp quilt

36.  Heal circle Knee High quilt--Finished!

knee high Heal Quilt

37.  Hazel/scrap monster 1--Finished!

Hazel quilt

38.  plastic bag dispenser--Finished!

plastic bag dispenser


1.  May mystery socks--no progress

2.  June mystery socks--no progress

3.  Edisonade socks--no progress

4.  Katniss socks--messed up and have to unknit.  It's now sitting on a shelf.

5.  felted shawl--almost done with first skein.  I have to either unearth 2 more or get more yarn

6.  Ariadne sweater--no progress

7.  peacock mittens--no progress

8.  socks scraps blanket-- 2 out of 3 sections done!

9.  reverse psych 2--started

10.  Rogue roses socks--no progress

11.  Queen of beads socks--no progress

12.  Fraggle squiggle socks--no progress

13.  Knetted socks--no progress

14.  Raven swirl socks--no progress

15.  Age of Brass and Steam--Finished!

Age of Brass and Steam

16.  Age of Brass and Steam 2--Finished!

Age of Brass and Steam

17.  Atlantic Currents 2--Finished!

Atlantic Currents 2

18.  Atlantic Currents April version--Finished!


So, in all, finished 24!  A lot is going to carry over to the next quarter, along with some new additions.


Archie the wonder dog said...

Twenty finishes? Bravo!! I love the cat quilt!

*Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheer-leading squad*

Michele said...

That is great.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

WOW such a great long list, and lots crossed off it too! I love the look of your Marcelle Medallion quilt, and I agree, handmade prezzies are the best!

Jennie said...

SNAP! I have ridiculously long lists too and one of my finishes this quarter was the same cat quilt pattern! Congrats on so many successes!

CapitolaQuilter said...

You seriously make my head spin. Of that Betsy Bag is fabulous and your Medallion - where to begin. I set the bar low with 4 items and managed to complete on. Can't wait to see you kick it in the next quarter.