Monday, April 6, 2015

Quarter 2, FAL 2015 goals...more epic than ever!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So, apparently, I just can't do it small.  My lists grow ever bigger...and honestly will probably take until the summer to clear significantly, unless I become uber productive at Stash Bash.

I'm divvying things up between sewing and knitting.

Sewing list:

1.  catvent (cotton and steel)

catvent cotton + steel

2.  Hexy Diamond

Hexy diamond used for 4x5 mosaic

3.  Marcelle Medallion

Marcelle progress

4.  Gypsy Wife

Gypsy Wife

5.  Moda Block party

quilt wannabe

6.  Starbright 2

starbright 2

7.  Meridian 2


8.  Tangential

part of the border, Tangential

9.  Tear Drop quilt


10.  Doctor Who Embroidery Sampler

Dr Who!

11.  Knitting Bags   (3 for knitting kids)

knitting bags

12.  Catvent 2 (lizzy house)

catvent scraps

13.  placemats


14.  Modern Medallion quilt

Modern Medallion makings?

15.  Scrap monster 2

scrap 2

16.  Patchwork City Sampler

patchwork city

17.  Steampunk quilt


18.  Zelda quilt

Zelda quilt

19.  Cross quilt (cotton and steel)

cross quilt start

20.  Death Star quilt

Death Star

21.  Hazel pillow

Hazel pillow

22.  Stash Bash secret swap

Stash Bash secret swap

23.  Betsy Bag

Betsy Bag

24.  Monster pouches-2

monster pouches

25.  #nerdscraftitbetterswap

#nerdscraftitbetter plan

26.  Jess's test

Jess test

27.  Starjump 2

pattern testing

28.  Guild FQ challenge

guild swap

29.  spring sidekick bag


30.  1 hour basket

1 hr basket

31.  Heal circle (do.good.stitches) quilt for May..Gemstone blocks

Heal May

32.  Halloween Donut quilt

Halloween donut

33.  flannel pj pants

pj pants

34.  Itty Bitty Broken Star quilt

broken lonestar

35.  Postage stamp scrap quilt

postage stamp

36.  Heal circle Knee Sock quilt

knee sock quilt

37.  Hazel/Scrap monster 1

Hazel basted

38.  Plastic bag dispenser

kitchen plastic bag dispenser

Knitting List:

1.  May Mystery Socks

May mystery

2.  June Mystery Socks

June mystery

3.  The Edisonade socks


4.  Katniss socks

Katniss socks

5.  felted shawl

felted shawl

6.  Ariadne sweater

ariadne sweater supplies

7.  peacock mittens

Peacock mittens

8.  socks scraps blanket

sock yarn blankie

9.  reverse psych 2

Reverse Psych 2

10.  rogue roses socks


11.  queen of beads socks


12.  fraggle squiggle socks


13.  knetted socks


14.  raven swirl socks


15.  age of brass and steam shawl 1

Age of Brass and Steam 1

16.  age of brass and steam shawl 2

Age of Brass and Steam 2

17.  Atlantic Currents socks 2

Atlantic Currents 2

18.  Atlantic Currents socks--April

Atlantic Currents April

I've got a few days off school and plan on being productive!  Going to finish the binding on two tomorrow.


Katie said...

WOWSers!! that is one impressive list -- good luck with all your fab projects.

CapitolaQuilter said...

Seriously, even for you this is a bit much, ha ha. They are all so great and I'm sure you'll tackle them and succeed! I'm hoping to make my list attainable mostly because that was a New Years resolution of mine.

Anonymous said...

That is quite a list! My own 8-item goal list looks quite reasonable in comparison now ;) Good luck with all your projects, they look wonderful!

Nicky said...

I thought my list was long - good luck on the epic journey ahead!

Carla said...

Oh Ella. You are such a hoot! I love your lists. Where DO you keep it all. It makes me want to go through my closet and pull out all my UFO's......but then I'd have to admit they are there ; )
I hope you win a prize this quarter!

Vera said...

I feel much better about my 8 numbers now, lol. Good luck!

Francine said...

Darn! That's a big ole list! You can do it!

Mary Huey said...

Thanks for making me feel good about my list -- yikes, that's a lot of stitching and knitting!!

pennydog said...

Oh my gosh! Still you have a lot to pick from :)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

oh my gosh that list just kept going!!! Lots of gorgeous projects!

felicity said...

I am feeling most decidedly slackerish with my grand total of four project. YOWZA! All your stuff looks so exciting - but your C+S crosses are what made me click through. :) Love them.

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Jeepers! You must have a lot of energy - good luck with your goals!

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

Wow - that's quite the list! Good luck getting through it!