Tuesday, November 4, 2014

ALYOF Nov Goal

Time to set a goal for November.  I want to finish my Starbright top.

Starbright 1

It's actually further along than this.  I have about 5 out of 8 sections done.

Ideally, I would also baste, quilt, and bind it, but I'm just putting the top assembly on my list.  I'm slow at it.  I've had to seam rip a bunch of times.  I'm afraid if I don't finish it this month, it will end up on my WIP pile.

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Carla said...

You can do it!

Nicole said...

You're more than halfway there! It's looking good, Ella!

Katy Cameron said...

Just catching up on the last couple of weeks:

Good luck with this finish
Well done on the bag finish
Love the Emerged quilt, I have a bolt of Nummers if you need some...

Allison/Savage Pink said...

Looking great Ella, can't wait to see how it turns out.