Thursday, July 31, 2014

ALYOF---just under the wire July

I had set finishing my Hexy MF to send off to the long armer as my July goal.

Top complete!

To be honest, I put this one off until the last minute.  As in, I finished sewing it a few hours ago.  I was having trouble with the idea in my head.  Truthfully, I suck at drawing.  So, I used an Apple log for my apple with a bite out of it and a snake I found online, enlarged 400+times.  Then I used freezer paper and needle turned applique.  I'm sure I do it wrong, but it's good enough for me.

hexy mf

My inspiration was the Garden of Eden (since it's a Grandmother's Garden variant).  I figured Eve was the ultimate grandma.  Anywhoo, I'm hoping to mail it off tomorrow!

Also, I am an AMAZING procrastinator. In the time I was avoiding this quilt top, mostly in July, I finished the following:

Black/White/Color Quilt

The Wellspring Quilt
wellspring sampler

L's quilt  (it's actually quilted and bound...but not yet labelled and in need of washing still.)

My reversible knitting bag
reversible knit tote

4 knitting pouches for my knitting students
knitting pouches

a knitting pouch for me out of the orphan block
orphan EPP

sewed together my black knit cardigan  (no pics as I have to model it)

a yoda hat
yoda hat

my pastel hitchhiker shawl
pastel hitchhiker

pieced a Christmas Star quilt top (I think I'm going to use this for Jess's FMQalong)
Christmas Star

4 journals
the last round of needlebooks

so, um, yeah.  Lots done.  And Hexy MF off to a long armer!  My first time!


Karamat said...

Wow! You've been busy! I've got that bag on my to-make list... Maybe for our upcoming guild bag swap.

Sarah Goer said...

Congrats on your ALYoF win. Seems you had a VERY productive month! :-)