Monday, February 17, 2014

Belated finish pics and a Fabriholics update

I had envied some Atlantans (Allegory mainly) taking these lovely snow pictures during the first storm.  See, I didn't think about it.

Lucky for me it stormed again, right?  (cough)

I hauled myself out on the ice and took some pics of finished quilts.

First up, the Feathers quilt.

I love this one.  Love it hard.
I backed it in a fleece blanket, no batting.  This is my favorite all time quilt for the sofa and tv watching.  It's so fuzzy.

Feathers finish, pointing up

I'm trying so hard not to buy more Field Study.  The leopard is killing me.  Want. More.

That quilt is the product of a QAL.  I'm actually thinking of making a version 2.  I have a bundle in mind.  I have a second fleece blankie that needs using.

I will be linking up to Nydia when the link goes live.  It's not too late to join:

I also finished my Economy Block quilt a while ago.
I hand quilted on this one.
Can you tell I like Orange and Purple?
Also, pretty much used up the rest of my Field Study on this one.

economy block finish

Economy block finished

Okay, now the fabriholics update.
I've been pretty good.  I did cave and buy 2 FQs and a yard and a quarter of solids for a bag for the Color Intensive Workshop class's bag.  I also bought 3 FQs in low volumes for bee blocks.  Turns out I had pretty much killed my supply of those, too.

Ok, before the "I've tripped off the wagon" bit, I started the 17 day diet again.  I did it two summers ago and lost like 25 pounds.  I've been eating crap since Christmas.  After the Class Play anxiety/ClusterFlake of 2014 resulted in me mainlining chocolate and candy, I realized that I not only feel like crap, my knee is acting up again, and I've gained back 7 lbs I had lost.  Nope.  Not doing that again.  Especially not setting myself up for knee surgery in the future.  Because of the knee, I'm trying to be a bit more mindful in reupping my physical activity.  I'm wearing my fitbit and trying to add in more each day.  I want to return to Zumba.  I started dancing again last week. I need a plan...and probably a reward system that doesn't involve food.  So, it may be fabric.  (I'm pondering a punch card for the when I fill a card, I get a 1/2 yard or something...)

Anway, if you read this far, here's where I was bad on fabric. I got some destashed out of print Tula.  I did keep myself on a strict budget, though.  $20 with shipping included.  I so wanted more.

I may treat myself with some shot cottons after finish Mad's quilt, the red/purple one, and retro rubies.  I've started trying to clear the scrap bin with some present piecing.  I do like "making" scrap based fabric.  The bin doesn't look much smaller, though.  My reality is that this weekend is going to involve some MAJOR cleaning, as I have to clear out the guest room to make it ready for a replacement mattress.  My folks are coming in March and the current mattress is terrible.  (I tried to sleep on it when I had a really bad cough a few months ago and the floor would have been softer.)  Anyway, confession over.

New goals for the next week and a half:
Piece Mad's top, piece red/purple top (same game plan of layout), finish the applique on the Hexy MF, mail international bee blocks, catch up on some qals, scrap sew!  Baste a bunch for quilting (Mad's, Red/purple, Retro Rubies).
We'll see how it goes.  Wish me luck!


The Purple Turtle said...

OMG -- I love your idea for rewarding yourself on being active. I have a fitbit too - it's amazing how much that little thing motivates me to get up and move just a little bit more. (I'm actually on my forth one. I washed two with the laundry and the puppy got a hold of the third one.) Let me know if you want to link up on the fitbit world too!

Your feather quilt is beautiful! Congrats on the finishes! (no stress on the purchases!)

Michele said...

I like your finishes. Congrats on those. And good luck sticking to your plan. I'll be cheering you on from here.

suemac said...

Love AMH Both quilts are gorgeous.

giddy99 said...

I love AMH! And I love those AMH quilts you made; they are gorgeous!

Darcy said...

These both turned out so well! The feathers are gorgeous and I LOVE how bright your economy blocks are :-) All the destashing going on over on IG has been *killing* me but I'm so glad I started the fabric diet, otherwise I probably would have bought a ton. AMH is my downfall so I think you're showing remarkable strength to not buy more immediately!

pennydog said...

I'm on both kinds of diet too and it is HARD. I have been guilty of a FQ and a piece of chocolate on a fast day (doing 5:2 diet) but I've not told anyone this, not even my husband-to-be so shhhh!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Absolutely gorgeous! They are both brilliant and i love amh too! I vote get more leopard ;-)

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Love your finishes. Beautiful! If it is a reward it is not purchasing fabric it is a motivational item! Totally different!

Melissa said...

Wow! Such stunning finishes. I have been behaving badly after Christmas too. I was down 15 lbs and now I am up 4 lbs. We can behave together!

Katy Cameron said...

Heh, well glad you caught the snow 2nd time round ;o)

I'm with you on the crap eating. I've put on about 45 lbs since last summer o.O I'm signed up at the climbing wall next to the office, and the plan is to go several times a week. That will be right after I shift the chest infection I finally succumbed to today *sigh*

Flying Blind... said...

Stunning quilts!
Fabric for fitness rewards, I could almost be tempted!!!

Carla said...

It's hard to pick a favourite but I do love that feather quilt. I can see why you might have to make another : ) so beautiful

Rebecca Lynne said...

I Love the Feathers Quilt! OMG I might have to make one like that too...add to the list. I would be dying if I was running out of Field Study - it is a fav of mine. I love the idea of rewarding yourself for being healthy/active, hmmm, maybe I can do that! And yes, I am missing out on Low Volume and thinking I should do another swap so we are all on top of our Low Volume Stash again... ;)

DaisyLiz said...

Glad you got a second round of snow for pictures! I like the punch card idea, too. Good luck with exercising and your knee - I always have etter luck with exercise than diet, but that's just how my brain is hard wired. I'd much rather run a few miles and eat too much sugar...

Emily Carnes said...

Gosh, your quilts are SO PRETTY!!! I just made a fleece quilt without batting and I love it, too. Glad to read that someone else is doing it and I'm not cray-zay. (Your feather quilt is far more beautiful, something to aspire to.)

My family lives in Atlanta, they are all really glad the ice has melted!!

Emily at

Theresa Childs said...

The quilts look awesome! I never thought to take snow pics either :-(

Kit Little said...

I love your feathers quilt! I don't know if it's the colors, the contrast against that dark gray, or that it's Anna Maria's fabric! And, it sounds so soft and snugly - the way that you backed it. I just know it would be the one I'd grab if I was sitting down to watch tv at your house :)