Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ALYOF. Dec edition

I had set my Dec goal here to work on my Penny Sampler quilt.

I made the decision to hand quilt it because my FMQ skills still suck.
(Hello, goal for 2014.)

Anywho, I did it.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  I get frustrated with how slowly I hand sew.  Probably yet another reason why I should be doing it more....to get practice being patient.  (Yup.  Not my strength.)

I love it.  I haven't washed it yet.  I had another issue with a fabric bleed on the quilt I made for my aunt for Christmas.

This is the quilt that had the bleed.  I think it was the purply blue that ran:

Quilt for Aunt

Quilt for Aunt, back

I'm a bit scared to wash my Penny Sampler, as the blues I've used lately have seemed to be a source of problems.  (Gah.  I pray I haven't jinxed myself.)

Here it is in all its unwashed glory:

Penny Sampler done!

Penny Sampler

Penny Sampler

Penny Sampler

Now, to work on the lists for 2014!


Katy Cameron said...

It looks fab :o) What temp are you washing at? I wash mine at 30C (ie cold), and I don't think I've ever had a bleed problem really, although a few colour catchers have come out a bit greyer

Melissa said...

Well done! Have you tried the color catcher sheets? I find that those and a cold wash (like Katy said) work really well.

Sarah said...

The Penny Sampler quilt is beautiful. I haven't had a bleed problem in cold water and if in doubt I use colour catchers in the wash.