Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finished bits...

Now that my tooth has finally stopped hurting, I've been trying to get stuff done.

I did finish my November ALYOF goal, my scrappy postage stamp quilt.

Not only did I finish the one I planned on getting done in November, I finished two!
Postage #1 Postage #2

I also completed:

my NY Beauty bag
NY Beauty Bag

Heal circle quilt
Heal circle quilt

Pouch for Bama
Pouch for Mom

Pouch for Trollop
Pouch for Trollop

Pouch for G
Pouch for G

Pouch for mom (still need to take pic)

Pouch for Karen
Pouch for Karen

Secret gift (pic coming once it's mailed)

Secret gift #2 (ditto)

Heal Circle blocks for Nov.

Heal blocks for Nov

Space quilt  (OMG the drama, one of the stars had bleeding...washed it 4 times with like a dozen color catchers and the star is almost white now)  I love the quilting on this one! I'll try to take better pics in the morning light. Thank you, Katy, for the rocket block!
Space quilt, post washing

the back:
back of space quilt

I washed the wonky star as well!  No drama on that one.  It's going to it's home on Monday at a baby shower!
wonky washed

Pic of my Octo pillow cover:
Octo pillow

I'm plugging away on my Penny Sampler.  I anchor quilted it on the machine and am hand quilting the rest.  I'm also pattern testing and trying to make 2 more quilts for Christmas!
Penny basted

Also trying to finish one more Meridian and the sidekick bag for me for Xmas.

Total so far on my FAL list:  22/32


Carla said...

Oh my goodness. Do you sleep? You did a nice job on the Heal circle quilt.
I'm loving the penny samplers I've seen why didn't I join!

Katy Cameron said...

Woohoo, glad you got the tooth sorted, it was obviously blocking something!

Darcy said...

Seriously, DO you sleep?! These all look great! Glad you got that tooth sorted, hurting teeth are the absolute WORST. Hope you have a great December - can't wait to see how many millions of things you finish ;-)

Leanne said...

Wow, you are sure getting a lot finished, great work! They are all so lovely too.

Unknown said...
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Michele said...

Yea for you for getting so much done last month.