Sunday, June 30, 2013

Q2: 2013 Finish Along...what got done...

Okay, so my FAL list for Quarter two might have been a bit Cray Cray.  Because I wasn't, maybe, trying to finish my school year or, you know, plan for a wedding.

It had 33 items on it. I blogged about it here.

Surprisingly, I got more done on it than I thought I would.  I apologize in advance for the crappy photos.  Some were from my iphone and, since the finishes need to be posted individually, I've had to enlarge bad photos.

Here's my report:

1.  Must Dash Quilt--Completed and gifted to faculty member for new son!
I finished it at the Stash Bash.

Must Dash done!

2.  Star Block bag--Done!

Star Block bag

3.  Orbit Quilt--I got the top done before Stash Bash.  Love this one.  Sad I missed the QAL deadline.

Orbit quilt, done!

4.  HST Project Linus quilt--yea, not really sure why I haven't finished this one.  Maybe because an older Project Linus quilt (which I think used some of the same fabrics) bled when I washed it.  (Even with color catchers)

5.  Bag #1 (khaki Irish chain)--

Bag #3 (white Irish Chain)

6.  Bag #2  (batik)

Bag #2 (batik)

7.  Bag #3  (white Irish chain)

Bag #1 (white Irish chain)

8.  Bag #4 (grey/black)

Bag #4
9.  Bag #5  (Red/black drunkard)

Bag #5 (red/black drunkard)

10.  Bag #6 (B/W/Green)

Bag #6 (B/W/green)

11.  Bag #7  (Malka)

Bag #7 (Malka)

12.  Bag #8  (B/W pinwheel)

Bag #8 (b/w pinwheel)

13.  Bag #9  (B/W swirl)

More bags!

14.  Bag #10  (red/black block)

Bag #10 (red/black block)

15.  Bag #11  (Orange Hope Valley)

Bag #11

16.  Bag #12 (blue/green)

Bag #12 (green/blue)

17.  Sewing Summit Mini--Yeah, didn't do it.

18.  Tula Skirt--gained weight.  Since I can't comfortably wear my other frog or the spider skirt in this pattern, I'll wait til I drop some weight to finish this one.

19.  Halloween Spider Web--got all the blocks done (and back).  It's got the binding on and part of the quilting done, but I decided to hand quilt it, so it will be done in July.  Progress, though!

20.  Red/Purple Quilt--on hold.  Still waiting on blocks.  Will hopefully finish this one in the next quarter.

21.  Heal Orange March quilt--done and delivered by Nicke!

Heal quilt

22.  Hexy MF--I've got this on my summer plan.  I really want it done.  I can't start another EPP quilt until I finish this one.

23.  Mom's Quilt--Still hanging in the closet.  I have to look it over.  I don't think it's mom worthy since I made it so early in my quilting career.  I question how good my seams are.

24.  Converging Corners--Not feeling it.

25.  Bridesmaid Clutch #1--Done!  and delivered.  I even made her a second one for her bday.

Bridesmaid Clutch #1

26.  Bridesmaid Clutch #2--Done!  and delivered

Bridesmaid Clutch #2

27.  Best Woman Clutch--Done!

Best Woman Clutch

28.  Infinity Scarf--Done!

Infinity Scarf

29.  String Block quilt--Uh, the supply box is still sitting in my car from Stash Bash

30.  Scrappy Trip Along--top done and the rest not.

31.  Wonky Star Baby quilt--still in bags from not getting it done at the Stash Bash.

32.  Secret 80s swap--Done!

I Love the 80s swap

33.  Pouch for Stash Bash...which I apparently forgot to take pictures of.  Elena over at Hot Pink Stitches got it.  (I swear.  I did it.  I was just trying to organize stuff and forgot the pic.)

So, 22 out of 33.  Not bad.

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Katy Cameron said...

Ya know, that's a lot better than me and I didn't even have the wedding excuse!