Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it's just fugly....

I made this quilt, you see.
And in my head it was awesome.

I even sent out blocks to my peeps in a bee.'s fugly.

Don't get me wrong; its inherent fugliness has nothing to do with the work my ladies did for me.
I just chose the solid badly.

It's so bad, that I'm thinking of punishing it with an ugly brown solid from my fabric dregs rather than the glorious Tula I had planned...because, damn, I can't believe I used Parisville and Loulouthi for this.

Wonky Star/Ketchup quilt

It's just bad.  I'm calling it the Ketchup/Catchup quilt...because it looks like a condiment tray.  And not in a good way.

In other news...I finished the Pirate's Apron.

Pirate in Apron

I tried to get him to pose, but he insists on making  silly faces, which never ceases to make me giggle.

I'm also working on my Postage Stamp quilt.
I'm thinking of adding sashing around the blocks to make it quilt sized.

Postage Stamp progress

The whole thing is making me want to make a true scrap vomit.  (But these square are tinier than the rest of my scrap vomit stash.)

Still not messed with:
my orange quilt
the grey band of handquilting that needs to happen on my Medallion quilt

I blame a migraine and some blahs this week.


  1. Is the background purple, kinda reminds me of grape jelly, or a late night at Denny's. Lol at punishing the bad quilt with ugly backing. Poor red headed stepchild of a quilt. Can always be a charity quilt might find a kid who loves it.

  2. Sometimes a good quilting can pretty up a fugly quilt. What color is the solid? At least the apron and postage stamp quilt are super cute!

  3. You can call it the bad lighting quilt a la emperor's new clothes.

  4. I actually kinda like it - couldn't you do something of a round robin to finish it off - i can see some jaggedy triangles around the edge to make it bigger - your challenge is to finish it and love it!!

  5. Oh yeah, you were quite right, that is bad... the apron is fun though!

  6. Wow to the quilt the background colour is a bit much! Some sashing may of helped....
    Loving the apron, you don't see many men wearing them at all.
    I'll be watching to see more progress on those squares =D

  7. Do you think maybe a border would help the quilt? I think it might be salvageable! Hope tomorrow is a better day, friend!

  8. It isn't all that bad. I think the sashing idea might really help it. I love the apron and the pirate made me giggle too :)

  9. It isn't all that bad. You can still salvage it. My thought it to add a bright yellow border and then the red would really pop. Don't give up on it just yet.

  10. well nuts! i agree with jacey, would a border make a difference. i am having a hard time agreeing with you at how fugly it is. i think i need an outside photo to really tell you.