Monday, July 2, 2012

Something cool came home in my trunk today...

and it wasn't a dead hooker.  (Sorry, inside joke.)

It was this:


It's still in the box. I have two chores that have to be done tomorrow before I am allowed to open it.

It needs a name.  I think it's a he.  (Most of my mechanical objects are male, including my car.)
Any suggestions?  Whoever gives me the name I like best may get (hint hint) something nice from me.

The machine was my reward for finishing this:

Medallion, embroidery phase done!

I couldn't eat the sundae that Rachel said I'd deserve for finishing this.  So, I went in *cough* another direction.  The shopping process was a bit nerve-wracking.  I don't spend big money on anything.  Unless it's a new AC unit or something.  I was feeling a bit guilty.  (Why do we do that, ladies, when we really really want something and even save up money for it?!)  Then I sat there and realized that I sew a TON.  Sewing (and dance) are my de-stress activities.  So, I'm NOT going to let myself feel bad about getting something for me (especially since I've been saving for it for over a year).  SO THERE, Guilt Voice!

I still have to trace and cut out petals for my Soda Pop QAL, but I had to take some breaks from hand sewing the jewels on the Medallion above.  (Bite me, satin stitch.)
I stayed up til 4am last night and only managed to finish jewel #7.
I have to admit, I love how it came out, even if I wanted to punch whoever created the idea of satin stitch in the stomach after jewel #1.  (Not, you, Rachel, I meant whoever in ancient times created it.)  The background for my Soda Pop is done.  I love it ALOT.  I used some of my favorite designers fabrics for it.  Some Nightshade by Tula, some Castle Peeps and Hello Pilgrim! by Lizzy House, Nested (WAS SOOO glad to win some from Laurie herself) and Tufted Tweet by Laurie Wisbrun, some AMH, some Wrenly.  I'm thinking the addition of the petals will make it all pop more.  I, um, just need to cut those.  Yeah.
Anyway, I'm loving this quilt HARD.

soda pop background

I've got my scrap bin sorted into colors.  (I looked like a walking piece of thread after I did it.)
Tomorrow, I will get through my required chores and bust that box open.  In the meantime, any names you want to throw my way will be pondered.


  1. He is so handsome, I think my machine (girl version of yours) might just have a crush on him! I like the name Dylan (as in Thomas)

  2. I think he looks French, so Jaques is my submission. I can just hear you saying oui, oui to him!

  3. He's a Janome, right? So Japanese? According to the internet (grain of salt time), "Daisuke" means "great help." :)

    That, or Gary.

  4. Oh well done you -you deserve that beauty!
    Dr Jones? - as in Indiana, any excuse for a Harrison Ford in the house!

  5. Ooh, hope you love your Janome! I upgraded to a new 6600p when the Horizon first came out and got a pretty good deal. I'm pretty sure I won't need to upgrade ever again. I did make the "mistake" of buying it when I was 9 months pregnant... didn't get around to using it until baby was two months old. :P

    Oddly enough, still haven't named my sewing machine, though my car has a name...

  6. Lol, still giggling at that first line! How can you bear not to open him? Maybe Jerome for a name?
    Loooove your soda pop so far, I think you're using all my fave lines and designers!

  7. I like The Doctor (as in Dr Who). plus if you use yours as much as I use mine (6600) then it should be like a good chiropractic visit or maybe just a visit from David Tennet (yummm)

  8. Ooh, congrats on the new toy, amazing what leaps unexpectedly into your car isn't it? It'll have to be Fred for me, no idea why, just that all male appliances, including cars, are called Fred round here...

  9. I like Jess's suggestion! Other than that, I'm stumped on the name. I just know you'll love "him". I can't wait to see the amazing things you create on your new machine!

    Also, seriously, your Medallion is awesome!

  10. Ooo a brand new machine. I love Jano too much to upgrade him. Names are tricky to chose I tend to call things what they are...I have a moose called Moosey, lamb called lamby and there is a wooden mannequin called Mani- Lol so creative I know! =D

    Great work on the hand stitching and the fabrics for the quilt top look great!

  11. I'm jelly of your new machine. . I can't wait to hear what his name is!

  12. Wow! I didn't expect that you'd get one of those! Congrats. I know how you feel about wanted to start it up...I've still got Lucy waiting for me to open her case. Nice job on the projects.

  13. Ooh new machine! Looking forward to seeing how you like it.

    Going along with Janome=Japanese, Otaku-chan? Though the name that immediately popped into my head was Festus.

    1. Oh, right, so I suggested Otaku because in general (according to the wikipedia description) "it can relate to a fan of any particular theme, topic, hobby or any form of entertainment"

  14. Ziggy...and then when your seams aren't straight you can blame it on him.

    Or Wilbur.

  15. What about José? Depending on pronunciation (J or H), he could be José the Janome or José the Horizon.