Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I just keep on sewing!

Lots of updates.

I have the do.good.stitches Heal circle quilt done.  It will be mailed out to be delivered to hospice by Friday.  There are some amazing ladies who contributed to this quilt.
It's a really happy looking quilt.  I hope it brings some peace to a family.


I made a green skirt.  It still needs to be hemmed.  Is it wrong that the reason I made it was so I had something to decorate for this two week installment of the Handstitched class?

It's not the best made piece, but I learned a lot, and I will be making more in the future!  Plus, I'll wear it to school anyway.

I'm still sewing hexy flowers.  Almost halfway there.

The Fiance's quilt is HUGE.  Twin sized.  I will be practicing my FMQ on it (with his permission since he knows it won't be perfection).  I have to baste it.  I have to figure where I can get enough floor space to do it.
(Edit:  The damn cat ate?/shredded the batting I bought for the fiance's quilt.  I'll have to get more tomorrow.  ARgh.  Cross your fingers that she doesn't get sick.)

I ironed on a TON of petals (and had 34 left over, apparently I can't count for crap) on the Soda Pop quilt.  I'm waiting on the backing fabric.  I had to reapply many of the petals after they started peeling off after my first 2 hours round of ironing.  I have no idea why.  I've never used Pellon Wonder Under before.  I ended up having to double the time and up the heat of the iron to its hottest setting.  I will be doing orange peel quilting on this because I'm semi terrified the petals will unstick again.  I love love love this quilt.
Petals applied

I quilted the Stained quilt.  Not my best work, but it has a home on the couch now.  And I love that I can use it instead of it languishing folded in a chair.

Stained Quilted!

Oh, the camera ate the pics of the tree quilt.  I'll try to redo those later.


Melissa said...

Wow!!! You have been crazy busy! Everything looks so amazing!

Flying Blind... said...

Blimey lady!

Michele said...

Nice, nice and nice. I'm really impressed.

PS How are the wedding plans coming?

Jacey said...

Sucko on the kitty vs. batting issue. But everything looks awesome! The Soda Pop quilt is going to be rad!

Katy Cameron said...

Geez, you blame a lot of things for eating other things round there ;o) Those are going to be some interesting furballs from the cat too...

Love all the things you've been working on anyway, good luck with himself's quilt!

Cherie said...

Wow girl! Loving those quilts!

I get what you mean about the pellon. I used one and the fabric started peeling off! I had to sew around the appliques as I was afraid of them possibly being lost if the item was washed!

The quilting is looking interesting. I'll be watching out for more updates =D

Lisaleh said...

My gosh you get a lot done girl! I LOVE your soda pop quilt. and I got such a thrill out of seeing the block on made on your husbands quilt. Hooray!

Leanne said...

These are each beautiful quilts! I am interested in the soda pop fusing experience, I want to make one like it in the fall I think.

Barb said...

Wonderful eye candy...great choice in fabrics on all of them.

Kimi said...

Your Soda Pop quilt is gorgeous! And I see the block I made for you on the Pirate's quilt! :D

Ellie Q said...

I love the Soda Pop quilt--the way that magenta pops is fantastic!