Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I think it's been almost a week since I blogged.
I met some gloriously awesome peeps at Whipstitch.
Jacey, Rachel, Nicke, Maureen, Holly, and Jessica.  Jacey's super awesome.  Nicke gives amazing hugs.  I was a bit of a geek and showed Rachel my medallion from the class she's teaching.  I didn't really get a chance to talk to Amanda or Ara Jane, but there was shopping accomplished!  (Maureen, Holly and Jessica, I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you more.)

I had to leave early because I had a FMQ class with the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.
While I learned a lot in abstraction, I didn't really "get" anything done.  My thread kept breaking.  I'm pretty sure there is a burr on my foot.  (It is a modified one.)
It made me REALLY want a new machine.  I have some money set aside for one, but I'm ridiculously intimidated by buying one.  (It kind of feels like buying a car....which, if I went the Bernina route, I probably could.)

I've been sewing sewing sewing, mostly by hand.

I finished all the embroidered HSTs.  I *still* don't have a pic.
Here's the last one I took of it:

Medallion in process

I finished two other items on my Finish Along list (today):

boxy bag for Trolloplawn#2, done!

I think I've gotten 11 out of 14 done for my Finish Along this quarter, and I don't think I can get the final three done. (Red, White, Black is in the snap frame still, Stained is in a pile, and the postage stamp hasn't been sewn on at all.)  My walking foot is acting unhappy.  (Cue violin music and more desire for a new machine)

I started sewing for the Soda Pop QAL, but all I have pic wise are my squares (before sewing)

Soda Pop

I also have a crapload of hexies sewn for the Hexy MF.  (I can't get that pic off my camera.)

I feel like I've got major sewing ADHD.

On an unrelated note, I've successfully stuck to Weightwatchers for a week.
I've eaten a ton of veggies this week and feel great.


**nicke... said...

you are so fun! i have been told i give good hugs! i kinda squeeze the crap out of you! ;) it was so fun to meet you in person ella! i just love ya!

**nicke... said...

p.s. i am so excited about your weightwatchers success! keep it going!!! i need to climb on that bus!

Michele said...

Have you at least figured out what new machine you want and have you checked out the listings on Sew Its For Sale at (Yahoo Group that you have to join but sew worth it or at (wonderful site for reviews and some classified ads). You might be able to find a nice slightly used machine for a lot less.

And BTW my oldest sister called the other night to tell me she and her fiance are finally getting married and since I am the family wedding know-it-all person she asked for my help. I couldn't help but think of you too.

Flying Blind... said...

Well done on the FAL stats and the Weightwatchers - you are doing better than me!

Katy Cameron said...

Well now that you've got the summer off, maybe it's time to spend a day in a sewing machine shop playing with all your options :o)

Cherie said...

Sounds and looks like you've been very busy! Love the prints on those squares! =D

Jacey said...

I'm so glad we got to meet you, Ella! And seeing your Medallion in person was so fun.

Longvacation said...

I love the fabric you picked for your handstitched medallion project. I've been so bad; I haven't started mine yet.

Thanks for joining my UFO challenge, good luck!

Jess said...

Wow, great headway on your projects! Your medallion is lovely - what a fab choice for the centre!