Sunday, March 18, 2012

A finish, a present, and a day trip...

I haven't been posting on the regular lately.
Truth is, my allergies been kicking my butt. I've been trying to catch up my sleep deprivation by napping. A lot. And longer than usual. 2 hours instead of 20 min naps.

Anyway, I'm posting one terrible photo of the terrible quilt...and it gets better. A seam split, apparently when I washed it, btu I didn't notice until went to take the pic. So, it's an awful quilt now in need of repair.

Finished Rockin Robin

This past week, I got an amazing package from woollykat in the For The Love of Solids swap.
I had favorited it when she posted it, but it never dawned on me that it might be mine.
My photos do not do it justice. She made me a bag from a pattern that has long been on my list.
I love the improv piecing and the colors. Also included was a boxy pouch!
I did a little happy dance when it arrived.
Loot from FTLOS swap
(Kraken was trying to see if something new came for her. IT'S MINE!!!!

Saturday, as a late bday present, The Pirate and I went to Callaway Gardens.
Their azalea festival hasn't started yet, but I think the flowers were at their peak.
It was really pretty, but my allergies were kicking my butt, as was the 84 degree weather.
We got to see the birds of prey show:
The owl's name was Hershel.

The hawks kept dive bombing people. The last one in the show grazed someone's head.

We walked to the chapel:

Looked at lots of flowers:

The Pirate fed fishes:

I spent most of today cutting up pieces for a Stained Quilt.


Flying Blind... said...

Looks like you have been having fun (except the Stained cutting - I know that isn't so fun!) - love your Go Anwhere tote x

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Your quilt doesn't look so awful from here. As for sleep and napping, when you nap, either get up to one hour or more than 3. Anywhere in between you will usually feel worse when you wake up than you did when you laid down. It has to do when you body hits that deep sleep rhythm. I was on night shift for 17 years, so my naps were usually all I got. I listened to that advice and that is how I survived.

Cherie said...

That quilt is very unique! I usually have naps when I get in Usually just an hour or so as I get woken up anyways.
The stained glass picture is so cool! =D

I'm holding a small swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

Katy Cameron said...

Sorry about the allergies, but the rest of the day sounds fun!