Sunday, February 12, 2012

full weekend!

I have finished the rest of my 4x5 blocks and caught up on my
Sew. Happy. Quilt block.

Sew Happy Quilt block

Sew Happy blocks

Neutral and Not block, Feb:
Neutral and Not, Feb
I loved this one! (I wanted to keep it.)

Sew Bee Blissful block, picked and sending to Sarah from FairyFace Designs:
Sew Bee Blissful for Sarah!

4x5, Q1, Hive #1, for Nydia

4x5, Q1, Hive #1, for Nickki Lynn

Remaining NuBee block:
Nubee, Hive #1, Feb, for oneygirl

I finished my Mouth Stitches pouch.
I'm not posting it here because I want it to be a bit of a surprise.

I'm almost done with my Sparkle quilt top.
I want to baste and quilt it up this week. I bought thread for it.

The Pirate's V Day present may get bumped to an anniversary present.

I spent much of my free time trying to work out a plan for my For The Love of Solids' partner.
I have an idea. I'm just waiting for the partner to give me some feedback before I go ahead whole hog.

I know what the smaller second item is going to be. I have to catch up on a few other items.
I'm not sure I'll get to all my Finish Along items (I've got 4 out of 8 done) this quarter.
I figure if I can get two more down, that's nothing to sneeze at.

All of my Fugly fabric (well, at least all that I pulled) is on its way to new homes.

As soon as I wrap my head around the FTLOS object, I'll be pondering a giveaway now that I've hit 100 (WOW ONE HUNDRED!!!) followers!


Richard Healey said...

I like that newbee block do you have a link to a pattern for it?
Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Congrats on the now 101! Love those blocks, especially the Bee Blissfuls for Sarah x

Katy Cameron said...

Great collection of blocks, yay for catching up! Good luck with your FTLOS pondering, I'm still waiting on a couple of fabrics arriving, which I'm really hoping will be in the next day or two...

Jacey said...

I've been out of the internet loop lately (or at the blogging part) for afew days, but I cracked up at your fugly fabric post. Those polar bears!

Your progress looks great!I'm excited to see your mouthy stitches and FTLOS stuff!