Monday, September 26, 2011

Scrap Bag Challenge...

A while back, I made it past round one of PingsandNeedles Japanese Scrap Bag challenge.
I got my fabric about two weeks ago. It took a while to cross the ocean.

I used a pattern I'd had for a while but had never made...Tempest's Corset Belt.

I was terrified to cut into the fabric.

I tried making a prototype.

Then the concept of applying 80 grommets total made me throw that out the window.
(I still may go back and finish the red belt at some point.)

I spent most of my free time (Saturday) sewing and grommeting.
I cut up my fingers fairly well.
(This is why the bra is still in need of embellishment. I can't handsew til Friday or maybe Thurs if I get work off.)

The finished belt and unfinished bra:
belt and unfinished bra
corset belt

I still have to pick music. And I am thinking of black dance pants and possibly a layer of a fringe belt under it...
I do promise to display the full costume by the deadline (most likely with me in it). Brace yourselves. And let me remind you right now that folks of all shapes, ages, and sizes bellydance. (Don't be expecting a 6 pack, unless I'm holding it.)


  1. How cute! I hope your fingers recover quickly. :)