Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing catch up...

I spent much of the day hand sewing a block for the school quilting group.
I sewed circles til I just couldn't take it any more.
See...they weren't raw circles...we had to turn under the edges and try to hide the sewing.
It wasn't fun.

Bee Block for school

I think the quilt will be fabulous, and I'll be a raffle ticket or two to try to win it, but it didn't wow me as an introduction to the school quilting group.
I only got to hang out with the ladies once...and the project was a lot harder than it felt like it should be. I know there will be another quilt coming in the winter. Next time I might try to find out the sewing requirements before I commit.

I worked on the blocks for the back of the girl's Across the Sea QAL quilt. I still have to cut them down to size, but they're done.
blocks for back

This one is my favorite:
block for back

My plan tomorrow is to piece the back and finish the top and back of dad's quilt.
Wish me luck!


Sana Saroti said...

I didn't like the pattern of the Across the Sea QAL but your different size crosses look great! Espcially the big on! The effect of the thin stripes and that it's a little off center is cool!

Laura said...

Ha, needle turn applique was my first experience of applique. I nearly completed a baltimore quilt, then I discovered fusible webbing - the baltimore squares are still tucked away! Takes sooo long!

Alli said...

Poor thing! Many years ago, I started needle-turned applique pillow for my sister, got about two inches, failed to properly turn the fabric around a curve, and gave up. :D

I also really like your different-sized crosses!