Thursday, September 1, 2011

Did I really?

do all this in August?

3 x 6 blocks, Hive #1, 3rd quarter The Kraken approves?For the Love of SolidsQuilting for Kids blockBlock 8, Skill builderStar of VirginiaIMG_9749Sew Bee Blissful, Aug block #1Sew Bee Blissful, Aug block #2
Modern BOMMom's quilt top-finished!test block for Sew Bee Blissful (Aug)3x6 blocksvery 80's quiltSkill builder in progresscompleted top

What I didn't do was sew yet today. I came home, ran errands, slept a bit (I was dealing with fretty animals and fretty me because the Pirate had to go to a sleep study last night for apnea), and I'm going to see some alums in a few.
I might sew some when I get home....I might not.
I'm cutting myself some slack.
The Kraken has to go back to the vet. Her eyelids are balding. She's itchy and cranky. And I don't know why, but I don't want her to be itchy for a long weekend (and I'd love some insight).
So, it will be vet manana instead of the fabric store.

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  1. Wow! That's a ton. This was my first time linking to Lily's Sew Fresh and I didn't catch until after the fact that we were supposed to show all we did in August. I only did a quickie collage of photos. I love your Skill Builder and, is that the Rockin' Robin quilt? Gorgeous with the dark background color!

  2. You had a very productive month!

  3. I've seen your crosses before, in the flickr group! I'm glad I found your blog via Lily's SBM! WOW you've done so much, and it all looks so great! Hope whoever can't sleep get's sleepy, and that your (cat? dog? what's a kraken?!) get's some relief. I have no insight on what might cause itchy/balding eyelids, but it sounds awful! New follower, btw :D

  4. Your accomplishments are so impressive.. WOW. That is alot for one month. Love all of the colors and blocks, and really love the quilt at the end there! Hope you don't mind a new follower. :)

  5. Love the title of your blog! Your work is wonderful too,

  6. Wow, lots of sewing indeed, lucky you :) I especially like the quilt top for your Mum.

  7. Whoa. You've been busy! Lovely goodies this month!

  8. WOWZER!!! You have been a buzy bee. Congrats!! I'm hopped over from Lily's. Great Blob. New follower here :):) Hope to see at my place. Sandie

  9. Wow You did alot! Makes me sit and cry. So now that you have depressed me lol I better get something done my self.

  10. All of this in August? Wow, it is all so every month as wonderful?

  11. Just wandered over from Lily Quilt's SBM and all I can say is WOW! You had a very impressive month. And lucky you - so much sewing time.